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S.A. Miller

S.A. Miller

S.A. Miller is the Politics Editor for The Washington Times. He can be contacted at

Articles by S.A. Miller

Clinton returns to Senate, eases back to work

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton - three weeks after the loss of the Democratic presidential nomination that once seemed hers for the taking - eased slowly back into the workaday world of the U.S. Senate Tuesday, much like most Americans do after a long absence from the job. Published June 25, 2008

Obama’s liberalism seen rousing Republican base

Republican leaders eagerly sharpened their knives in anticipation of longtime nemesis Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton topping the Democratic ticket, but Sen. Barack Obama's nomination offers the same brand of liberal red meat to energize conservative voters, they say. Published June 24, 2008

GOP courting blue-collar vote

The Republican Party is going after blue-collar voters and other key blocs that traditionally support Democrats but did not back Sen. Barack Obama in primary contests, a top party official said. Published June 23, 2008

Bipartisan deal moves war funds, FISA

House Democratic and Republican leaders made election-year concessions on two long-standing national security disputes Thursday, passing a stalled war funding bill and settling a lingering fight on updating the nation's spy laws. Published June 20, 2008

Spying law stalemate ends

House leaders struck a bipartisan agreement Thursday to update laws for government spying on e-mail and phone calls of foreign terror suspects, ending a four-month stalemate between Democrats and Republicans, which critics say left the country vulnerable to attack. Published June 19, 2008

Obama picks Clinton ex-officials as advisers

Sen. Barack Obama, under relentless Republican attack over inexperience on defense issues and reluctance to visit Iraq, moved to polish his national security credentials Wednesday by convening an advisory panel filled with former Clinton administration officials and Iraq war critics. Published June 19, 2008

PAC aims aid at ‘true conservative’ candidates

A top Republican fundraiser in the U.S. Senate has started a political action committee to help finance "true conservative" candidates, saying he wants to reshape the party and win back support from disgruntled conservative voters. Published June 18, 2008

Congress demands VA investigation

Congressional leaders have called for investigations into the Department of Veterans Affairs' failure to quickly inform war veterans testing the anti-smoking drug Chantix about its dangerous side effects. Published June 18, 2008

McCain seeks to void ban on offshore drilling

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain proposed lifting the federal ban on more offshore oil drilling Monday, but a new poll shows most voters want the government to go further by sinking oil wells in nationally protected wildlife areas. Published June 17, 2008

November sit-out threats worry GOP

Republican voters increasingly say they have lost faith in the party and might not vote this year, compounding headaches for party leaders struggling to avert a November massacre at the polls. Published June 3, 2008