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Tom Knott

Tom Knott

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KNOTT: Optimism holds court as Wizards improve

Flip Saunders is working with Andray Blatche on a daily basis, putting the 22-year-old forward through various basketball drills while trying to solve the four-year mystery of what his destiny will be. Published June 26, 2009

KNOTT: Draft night is a ball, but then reality bounces in

Even the Clippers cannot mess up their leading role in the NBA Draft. They will do that later after Blake Griffin sheds his rookie contract and endeavors to be paid in line with his statistical production. Published June 24, 2009

KNOTT: This reaction won't dog Stallworth

Donte Stallworth reacted a lot wiser than Michael Vick in the aftermath of the crime and saved himself a considerable amount of jail time and money. Published June 19, 2009

KNOTT: Vikings won't sack pursuit of Favre

Brett Favre has undergone surgery on the partially torn biceps tendon in his throwing arm, Vikings coach Brad Childress has dismissed talk of a deadline and all that is left is the signing party and news conference. Published June 12, 2009

KNOTT: Lakers have everything to lose

The Lakers in seven games. That forecast would have come with the warning of not betting the house on it in the pre-bailout history of the nation. Published June 4, 2009

Tom Knott: Where unexpected happens

The ratings-winning, hype-ready prospect of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James meeting in the NBA Finals is no longer a foregone conclusion. Published May 27, 2009

Tom Knott: Luck simply has everything to do with it

A rabbit's foot, anyone? A four-leaf clover? Or perhaps the Wizards should dispatch a penny-toting representative to the celebrated Upwey Wishing Well, located just north of Weymouth, England. Published May 19, 2009