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Tom Knott

Tom Knott

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Tom Knott: LeBron is OK with alone time

LeBron James is threatening to purge the 45-year championship drought of Cleveland, a city that wallows in its sports misery. Published April 20, 2009

KNOTT: LeBron vs. Kobe is a cinch

A Kobe-LeBron showdown is in the offing. David Stern would have it no other way, what with two-thirds of the NBA owners losing money and a potential labor-management meltdown on tap next year. Published April 17, 2009

Tom Knott: A roster fraught with hard realities

When Flip Saunders gets around to taking a hard look at the 15-player roster of the Wizards, he will find the limited, the attitudinally challenged and the physically spent. Published April 15, 2009

KNOTT: Goodell's title isn't contrition commish

Roger Goodell plans to measure the depth of Michael Vick's remorse before making a judgment on the quarterback's reinstatement to the NFL, which clashes with the American spirit of granting the screw-ups in our midst a second chance. Published April 4, 2009