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Topic - E0

E0 or E00 can refer to :* ε0, in mathematics, (epsilon naught), the smallest transfinite ordinal number satisfying \varepsilon_0 = \omega^{\varepsilon_0}* ε0, in physics, vacuum permittivity, the absolute dielectric permittivity of classical vacuum* E0 (cipher), a cipher used in the Bluetooth protocol* E0 (robot), a 1986 humanoid robot by Honda* Eo, in electrochemistry, the standard electrode potential, measuring individual potential of a reversible electrode at standard state* E0, the digital carrier for audio, specified in G.703* Eos Airlines IATA code* e0, in demographics, the life expectancy of an individual at birth (age zero)* E00, Cretinism ICD-10 code - Source: Wikipedia

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