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Sen. Barack Obama gets a boost from a rock star as Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden tells North Carolinians to get organized and vote for the Democrat in November.



“Let’s turn North Carolina blue,” he says, in a Web spot targeted at young voters.


Here’s the video:



(In a six degress of Kevin Bacon moment, Madden is engaged to Nicole Richie, former BFF of Paris Hilton.)


I have a story in today’s paper about the new Obama ad turning “Celebrity” back on Sen. John McCain.


The story notes, as I mentioned in the blog last night, that the claim McCain is with “lobbyists running his low road campaign” is false. We also have a poll that shows the McCain Paris Hilton attacks may have helped Obama:


Sen. Barack Obama’s camp on Monday depicted Sen. John McCain as a “lurching” lobbyist lover using “old” Washington politics, a harsh response to his Republican rival’s “celebrity” ad that a new poll shows may actually help Mr. Obama.

A Fox 5/Washington Times/Rasmussen Reports poll found that 84 percent of adults think the presidential hopefuls are running negative ads, and 44 percent of them said the ads have made them more likely to vote for Mr. Obama.

The Obama ad, called “Embrace,” shows Mr. McCain hugging President Bush and features six images of the Republican with the unpopular president. It uses the word “old” twice while showing images of the 71-year-old candidate, while the word “old” appears on the screen.


Read the story here.


In other news, Howard Wolfson seems to be taking the blockbuster Atlantic article on Team Clinton infighting all in stride.


His Facebook status:


Howard Wolfson will be on Hannity and Colmes Tuesday night. He will be releasing secret memos he wrote about the campaign’s theme song.


The Atlantic piece is pretty stunning, along with all the memos Josh Green got his hands on.


Some of the details revealed in the story were about Clinton spokesman Phil Singer. One memo from The Washington Post to the campaign said Singer was talking smack about reporter Anne Kornblut.


From the story:


Singer disappeared and was presumed fired. But a week later, he made amends and rejoined the campaign. “When the house is on fire, it’s better to have a psychotic fireman than no fireman at all,” Wolfson explained to a colleague.


There’s also been some chatter about Mark Penn’s call to “release the tapes” in one of the memos.


He could be talking about the Rev. Wright, but he also could mean tapes that show Obama had changed positions on medical marijuana, or the old video of Obama saying he wanted single-payer health care.


(Our investigative team did a story on the pot video back in January.)


Update, 5:05 p.m.: Singer is having his own Facebook fun. Here’s his status update:



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