The Washington Times - August 15, 2008, 10:37AM

CHICAGO Sen. Barack Obama will return to the mainland today and see that his campaign has been busy.



In the last week, Team Obama has opened more offices in Wisconsin, targeted young voters in North Carolina and mounted an effort to register the nearly 600,000 unregistered black Floridians.


They are advertising heavily in the states, and some, such as Indiana, are even getting their own ads starring state voters.


Missouri voters are getting calls pushing the Democratic Party’s Register for Change efforts, with the calls noting Obama is the “candidate of change” and reminding them the voter registration cutoff is Oct. 8.


Also in Missouri, Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan is talking to voters about the Obama economic plan. A campaign release notes she also will speak to former supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton (who will get her convention roll call vote) about Obama in Springfield.


In the battle for swing-state Florida, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe intends to put his “persuasion army” to work.


He challenged Florida volunteers and organizers to make 50,000 calls this week, and they delivered, making 125,000 calls in 48 hours.


Plouffe thanked Floridians on a conference call last night, telling them, “We will rise and fall together” and saying the calls prove what the organization is capable of accomplishing in the fall.


“What you’re doing is really going to be the recipe for victory,” he said, adding the campaign “will ask you to work harder than you know how.

“We could not be more serious about winning Florida,” he said.


“If we win Florida, Barack Obama will be president,” chimed in Florida State Director Steve Schale.


In the coming days, Obama will visit California, Nevada, New Mexico and Florida. Marc Ambinder writes today Obama is planning something for Virginia.


I’ll be joining up with the Obama campaign in the morning and will stay in the bubble until there’s a VP announcement. Feel free to send me tips, predictions or sightings.


Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter,
The Washington Times


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