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SAN FRANCISCO has a new look and feel this weekend. The campaign gave it a mini-makeover, adjusting the color scheme and the images at the top of the home page but leaving the rest of it intact.


Here’s the old site for comparison (via Tech President’s piece on Obama’s “boring” home page):



Basically the new site is much more blue, and the home page tools for getting organized were pushed way down the page. I poked around and don’t see much else missing.


Also, the landing page for new visitors is updated with the VP text message gimmick. (It used to show this Obama family photo from their 2006 Christmas cards.)



The site still has all the old press releases up from the primaries, and the “blog” and “states” pages are the same.


Updating sites is no new thing. As I caught earlier this summer, Sen. Hillary Clinton scrubbed all the anti-Obama material from her site.


Also, the New York Daily News noticed that Obama removed some of his criticism of the troop surge in Iraq.


The refreshed Obama home page offers a rotation of several photos of the senator.




Is it just me, but does Obama look younger above than he does today - as in these photos are a year old from before his hair started to go gray?


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