The Washington Times - August 18, 2008, 12:00AM

SAN FRANCISCO Well this doesn’t happen every day.



The Obama traveling press was camped out waiting for him to finish up at a high-dollar fundraiser at the Fairmont Hotel here. A small pool of reporters were allowed into the soiree, which was $2,300 for some and $28,000 for the exclusive event that also starred Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


The rest of the press was allowed to roam the best city in the world for a few hours, and your humble blogger got a chance to see her mom and meet her mom’s new dog Zani.


Then we hustled to get on the bus, where we waited. And waited.


When we finally got going more than an hour after idling in the bus, we started off down one of the steep San Francisco streets.


Then the Obama aides who help get the press bus from place to place realized something was wrong. We weren’t following Sen. Barack Obama’s car to the airport. We’d actually gotten behind Pelosi, and Obama was still back at the hotel.




Everyone cracked up as we realized we were in the wrong motorcade.


“Is she the VP?” I shouted toward the front of the bus.


I hear the other bus with the protective pool also got turned around, and even ran a red light as it maneuvered through Chinatown.


It’s all working out and we’re bound for SFO to head to Albuquerque now.


Here are a few photos I shot of the crowd, which included some Nader/Gonzalez supporters urging Obama to “Open the debates.”






Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter,
The Washington Times


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