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That image is splashed across Sen. John McCain’s Web site this morning.


It asks people to sign up through the site and leave comments about the Wes Clark kerfuffle, using this as an intro:


This past weekend, Barack Obama’s campaign surrogate Gen. Wesley Clark attacked the military service record of John McCain. Despite Barack Obama’s repeated claims that he will be running a different kind of campaign, it is clear that he and his surrogates have failed to deliver.

With no record to rely on, all the American people can hold Senator Obama to is a promise – the promise of a different kind of politics. Twice now, Barack Obama has been given the opportunity to fulfill that promise and twice now he has failed to deliver.

First, Senator Obama broke his promise to the American people that he would use public financing and help clean up a broken system. After months of pledges to use the system, Senator Obama broke his word to the American people.

Now, after repeated, shameless attacks on John McCain’s military service, Senator Obama has failed to personally repudiate them. Once again, Senator Obama has failed to fulfill his promise of change. Sadly, Senator Obama has seemingly been seduced by the politics as usual, the selfish politics of anything goes.

John McCain wants this campaign to be about the issues – a campaign that focuses on real solutions to the challenges facing our country. Unfortunately, Senator Obama and his campaign surrogates seem unwilling to engage in that conversation.

Using the form to the right, tell us what you think about Senator Obama’s emerging record – a record that doesn’t seem to match his promise for a different kind of politics.


It’s not a fundraising appeal, but it will allow McCain to collect signatures of veterans who might be irritated by Clark’s comments.


The message also fits perfectly into the narrative the GOP is pushing that Obama is a typical politician who is insincere about being a “different kind” of candidate.


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