The Washington Times - July 24, 2008, 01:39PM

BERLIN - The Obama speech will begin soon and I’m on site, along with thousands of others and a crush of global press.

No official crowd estimate yet, but there are people as far as the eye can see and a massive press riser.

The crowd has been standing in the sun for hours, but is rowdy and enthused.

They cheered for the live band.

They cheered when someone checked the Teleprompter. They cheered when someone else checked the mic.

They cheered when the motorcade cruised up.

They erupted in chants of “Obama, Obama!” and “Yes we can!” just like crowds back in the states.

Many are waving American flags or sporting Obama shirts.

And Obamagirl goes global.

A woman near the podium started a chorus of - not kidding - “I’ve got a crush on Obama.”

An announcer speaks in German and the only words I catch are “Obama” “America” and “Wilkommen.”

Here we go.