The Washington Times - June 5, 2009, 11:34AM

First, here is our second story on Stephen Strasburg from my trip to Fort Worth last month. This one focuses on his mechanics, why San Diego State handled him so carefully and why people seem to be worried that he’ll break down, despite plenty of reasons to believe he’s strong and mechanically sound.

I’ll come back with another round of didn’t-make-the-paper quotes from Tony Gwynn, Rusty Filter and Strasburg later in the day.


Then there’s this: Apparently Jim Bowden was scheduled to work a NCAA college baseball super regional for ESPN. But after his interview with Channel 9’s Brett Haber aired the last two nights, Bowden informed the network there was going to be a lot of attention on his time with the Nationals over the next few days, so ESPN agreed he should back out.

That might be overdoing it a little—I’ve watched the entire Bowden interview, and the former GM didn’t make any headline-grabbing admissions or statements, other than to “take full responsibility” for the current state of the Nats’ roster (That’s a long way from “your bullpen is killing me,” huh?). But at any rate, Bowden won’t be getting an assist, at least not for now, from ESPN on what he said is his preferred career at this point: radio and TV.

The link I posted above also has a link to the Bowden interview, if you’re interested.