The Washington Times - May 3, 2011, 08:41AM

MEMBERS OF THE ELITE NAVY SEAL TEAM that carried out a painstakingly crafted assault that led to the death of Osama bin Laden won’t be greeted with fanfare when they return home to Virginia Beach. Don’t be mistaken: Their friends, neighbors and families would be proud of the men, if they only knew who they were, according to The Washington Times.

METRO AND U.S. CAPITOL POLICE ARE INCREASING SECURITY in response to Osama bin Laden being killed. Metro officials said Monday they will increase security across the transit system as a precautionary measure, The Washington Times reports. The U.S. Capitol Police also will increase the number of officers on the street, Senate Sergeant at Arms Terrance W. Gainer said.


RICHMOND HAS JOINED A CAMPAIGN TO TIGHTEN U.S. GUN LAWS. Mayor Dwight C. Jones on Monday joined relatives of gun-violence victims, including ones killed in the Virginia Tech massacre, in endorsing a campaign to close gaps in federal laws. The Fix Gun Checks campaign began in February after the mass shootings in Arizona in which Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Arizona Democrat, was seriously injured, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The campaign, sponsored by the bipartisan coalition Mayors Against Illegal Guns, is calling for an updated national database of people who legally are prohibited from buying guns, as well as for background checks on every purchase. About 20 supporters of the Virginia Citizens Defense League attended the news conference Monday to express its opposition.

THE D.C. TEEN WHO ESCAPED the city’s secure facility for juveniles last month was recaptured Monday, according to The Washington Times. Treyvon Cortez Carey beat a corrections officer to escape from the New Beginnings Youth Development Center in Laurel on April 18. Officials confirmed Carey, a ward of the D.C.’s Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, was back in custody and said he used a ladder in his escape to hop the razor-wire fence and drove off in the officer’s car.

A D.C. OFFICIAL WANTS MORE DISCLOSURE ON ESCAPED YOUTHS in response to two highly publicized escapes, according to The Washington Times. D.C. Council member Jim Graham, a Democrat who oversees the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, wants to speed up the release of pertinent information to the public when a young offender flees from custody.

VIRGINIA OFFERS TOO FEW MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES for children, and those who don’t get needed services often land in costly psychiatric facilities or incarcerated, according to a report reviewed by the Associated Press.

ENGLAND’S PRINCE CHARLES ARRIVES TODAY IN WASHINGTON, just days after his son’s wedding. The Prince of Wales is scheduled to arrive in the afternoon and visit the Common Good City Farm in Northwest. He’ll also give the keynote speech Wednesday at a conference on sustainable agriculture at Georgetown University, according to WRC-TV (Channel 4).

HOWARD COUNTY IS GETTING SPEED CAMERAS in school zones this fall. The county now joins the state government, Annapolis, Baltimore and Laurel as well as Baltimore, Prince George’s and Montgomery counties and Washington in having the cameras, according to the Baltimore Sun. Howard was the first in the state to get red-light cameras more than a decade ago, but conservatives opposed speed cameras as ineffective and an intrusion on privacy. The County Council approved the plan Monday night.

THE DOCUDRAMA “WHO KILLED CHANDRA LEVY” will premiere Sunday on the TLC cable channel. The film reconstructs the events surrounding the 24-year-old intern’s disappearance and murder in May 2001. It’s based on the book “Finding Chandra: A True Washington Murder Mystery” by Washington Post reporters Scott Higham and Sari Horwitz, according to WRC-TV (Channel 4).