The Washington Times - December 16, 2011, 05:51PM


Interested to see how much #Army and #Navy chew up the FedEx turf. Think the #Redskins would consider moving the #Patriots game to Ashburn?


2 passes thrown in 1st half of #Army-Navy. That’s only 2 more than were thrown in 1st game in 1890, when passing was illegal. #Navy

Ryan Braun, I guess, was a little too Brauny. That’s what I take away from these reports of his positive drug test. #Brewers #MLB

Was just reminded that this is the 50th anniversary of Ernie Davis becoming the first African-American to win the #Heisman… . #Orange

… I once asked Bucko Kilroy, a longtime #NFL personnel guy, which recent player was most like Davis. “Marcus Allen,” he said. #Orange

… Imagine Allen in the same backfield with Jim Brown. That’s what the #Browns would have had if Davis hadn’t died of leukemia. #Orange

… Of course, the #Browns had Bobby Mitchell in same backfield with Brown from 1958-61. Pretty good twosome. Both HOFers. #Orange

Wouldn’t have been disappointed if any of finalists had won #Heisman. All terrific players who had great seasons. Voted for RG3, tho.#Baylor

Can’t believe the #Heisman voting breakdown ESPN just gave. You would have thought it was election night and RG3 had just won presidency.

… Which reminds me of Bruno Gianelli’s great line on “West Wing”: “Losing makes you funny. Winning makes you handsome.” #Heisman

Seriously, though: Maybe the Downtown Athletic Club should give each state a certain number of electoral votes. #Heisman #Baylor


Redskins-Patriots Game

Only twice before have the #Patriots visited D.C. The 1st time (1981), they finished 2-14. The 2nd time (2003), they finished 14-2. #Redskins

With Davis and Williams suspended, maybe Papa John’s should change their promotion to “one free breadstick for each 1st down.” #Redskins

FedEx end zones still say “ARMY” and “NAVY.” Maybe the #Redskins should further recognize the two academies by running option offense. #Pats

#Redskins update: 5:54 left in first quarter at FedEx Field. Fred Davis and Trent Williams still suspended. #Patriots

That “FedEx Leap” by Gaffney reminds me of Jack Black diving into a mosh pit in “School of Rock” and having nobody catch him. #Redskins

Brandon Banks (5-7) is the shortest Redskin to throw a touchdown pass since Eddie LeBaron (5-9, but not really) in 1959. #Redskins #Pats

It’s funny. The #Redskins signed Iowa QB Brad Banks, the Heisman runner-up, out of college, but he didn’t work out. Had the wrong Banks.

Words you never thought you’d write: The #Redskins offense has outscored the #Patriots offense 17-7.

20-20. Only one other time in this century have the #Redskins and their opponents both scored 20+ points in 1st half.

If I were Trent Williams and Fred Davis, I’d be inviting TV crews to my home to film me doing crunches. Who needs ’em? 27-27. #Redskins


Now Chris Paul might go to the #Clippers? He must REALLY like the rims at the Staples Center. #Hornets #Lakers

FYI: The #Redskins have yet to win the turnover battle in any game this season. They’re 0-8-5 in that department. #NFL

Here’s hoping the #Chiefs and #Dolphins didn’t fire their coaches because “we never thought Paterno would be available.” #NFL

Rams-Seahawks Game

The next time ESPN gets stuck with a Monday Night game like this, it should just run highlights of previous Lingerie Bowls. #Seahawks #Rams

Brandon Lloyd, formerly of the #Redskins, can do something this season only one other receiver in NFL history has done. Any guesses? #Rams

Answer: BLloyd can rack up 1,000 receiving yards in a season in which he was traded (from the #Broncos to the #Rams)… . #Redskins

… The only other player to do it: Wes Chandler, who had 1,142 receiving yards with Saints and Chargers in 1981. #Redskins #Rams #Broncos

… BLloyd has 749 with 3 1/2 games left (283 w/ #Broncos, 466 w/ #Rams). #Redskins

Graham (1,101) and Gronkowski (1,088) currently ranked 5 and 7 in #NFL receiving yards. The last time 2 TEs finished … #Saints #Patriots

… in Top 10 was ’83 — Todd Christensen, #Raiders, 4th (1,247), Kellen Winslow, #Chargers, 8th (1,172). #Saints #Patriots #NFL

The highest an #NFL TE has ever finished in receiving yards is 2nd — Winslow in ’80 (1,290, #Chargers) and Retzlaff in ’65 (1,190, #Eagles).

Aside from his TDs (15, a record for TEs), what jumps out at you about Gronkowski is his 15.3-yard receiving average… . #Patriots #NFL

Since the merger, only one TE has racked up 1,000 yards receiving and averaged more yards per catch — … #Patriots #NFL

… Shannon Sharpe (1,107/15.4) in ’97 with Mike Shanahan’s Super Bowl-winning #Broncos#Patriots #NFL #Redskins


A longer All-Star break in baseball? What, so #RedSox pitchers have more time to drink beer and eat chicken? #MLB #Nats

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think any change in baseball should include the word “longer.” #MLB #RedSox #Nats

In fact, I think the commissioner of baseball, just on general principle, should be Frank Shorter. #MLB #MarathonMan


Jerry Sandusky waives preliminary hearing. Don’t suppose anybody will be putting in a claim on it. #PennState #WaiverWire

Sandusky, by the way, is under house arrest. That’s where they lock you in your home and make you listen to Hugh Laurie’s CD. #PennState


A new feature of the #NFL’s latest TV deals is “cross-flexing.” Sounds like something J. Edgar Hoover might have done.

Goodell said he was thrilled #NFL games “will stay on free TV for another 11 years.” What, does he think our sets all have rabbit ears?

Earth to #NFL commissioner: There is nothing free about ESPN. Last time I checked, it was part of my cable sports package.

#ESPN will be paying the league nearly $2 billion a year. Remember that whenever they break an #NFL story with the words “ESPN has learned.”

In other #golf news, #GeorgeMason has selected Dr. Angel Cabrera as its 6th president. Maybe he’ll let big donors try on his green jacket.

Oh, wait, my mistake. They’re talking about another ANOTHER Angel Cabrera, a guy who reads more than yardage books. #GeorgeMason

Still, I think the idea had potential: Donate a building, play a round of golf with the Masters and U.S. Open champ. #GeorgeMason

Great to see Richie Petitbon being inducted into the #Redskins’ Ring of Honor. Class act. His defenses were so much fun to watch. #NFL

I think my favorite Petitbon moment was the Monday nighter in ’86 when Montana threw for 441 yards — and the #Niners got 2 FGs. #Redskins

Here’s the box score if you don’t believe me. Richie lost Darrell Green in the first half of that game, too. #Redskins

The ’83 Redskins forced 61 turnovers(!). Richie’s schemes had a lot to do with that. Heck, the Skins have only forced 60 in last 3 seasons.


Another Petitbon claim to fame: He was one of the players involved when George Allen got caught trading the same draft picks twice. #Redskins

Allen gave up his ’73 No. 2 as compensation for signing free agent DE Verlon Biggs, then traded it again to the #Rams for Richie. #Redskins

You could get away with stuff like that back then because the blogger hadn’t been invented yet. #Redskins #Rams