The Washington Times - December 30, 2011, 02:59PM


Here at FedEx Field to chronicle the #Redskins‘ Christmas Eve game against the #Vikings, the Best 2-12 Team in Pro Football. #NFL


The #Redskins used to own Saturdays. From 1980 to ‘87 they went 8-0 on Saturday, four of them playoff games… . #NFL

… 1 of those playoff games was the 31-17 win over the #Cowboys in NFC title game after ‘82 strike season. #Redskins

… Another Saturday win in that stretch was 27-24 over Vikes in Minnesota at end of ‘87 strike season. #Redskins

… Barry Wilburn had 100-yard INT return for TD in that game. Also, Doug Williams finally took over QB job from Jay Schroeder. #Redskins

… In the Snyder Era, the #Redskins are 4-6 on Saturdays (2-3 regular season, 2-3 playoffs).

Top Saturday performances by #Redskins: Santana Moss, 3 TD catches vs. NYG, 2005. (Christmas Eve, no less!)

… John Riggins rushed for 185 yards — career high — in Saturday playoff game vs. Vikes in ‘82 season. #Redskins

… Ricky Sanders had 164 yards receiving (2 TDs) vs. Vikes on Saturday in ‘87 and 120 (1 TD) vs. Cincy on Saturday in ‘88. #Redskins

… Brian Mitchell was a Total Saturday Gamer. Had 100-yard rushing game (Vikes, ‘92 playoffs), 78-yard PR TD (Rams, ‘94) … #Redskins

… and 100-yard KO TD (Bucs, ‘99 playoffs). The latter was his last game with the #Redskins What a Saturday stud.

… And let’s not forget Fred Stokes. He had 3 sacks in one Saturday game (vs. Vikes, ‘92 playoffs) … #Redskins

… and scored a safety in another (‘89 at Seattle, where he tackled QB Dave Krieg in the end zone). #Redskins

Another #Redskins back who rushed for his career high on Saturday: George Rogers in ‘85 season finale vs. #Cards (206).

Finally, the #Redskins‘ Jamie Morris had an #NFL record 45 rushing attempts on Saturday vs. the Bengals in ‘88.

OK, I’m Saturday-ed out (as I’m sure you are). Just wanted to impress on you that Stuff Happens in the #NFL on Saturday, too. #Redskins

Nothing says “Christmas spirit” quite like the #Vikings running out the last 46 seconds of the first half in a 10-10 game. #Redskins

In good old days, Santa used to arrive at stadium via helicopter. Doesn’t Snyder have one — or did he refuse to let Santa use it? #Redskins

Nice to see Richie Petitbon go into Ring of Fame. Retired about a decade too early, if you ask me. If he’d coached Norv’s D … #Redskins

… the Turner years might have turned out very differently. One of those things you think about on cold winter nights. #Redskins

“… And with their first-round pick, the #Vikings select Trent Richardson.” (The injury to Adrian Peterson looks pretty bad.) #Redskins

As the FedEx fans just reminded us with an anti-Dallas chant, the word “suck” is always in season. #Redskins #Vikings

Does anybody else think Spider-Man should have a name like Joe Webb instead of Peter Parker? #Vikings #Redskins #NFL

By the way, there’s no truth to the rumor that Roy Helu’s injury is to his mistletoe. #Redskins #Vikings

#Redskins crowd just announced as 68,370. The guy doing the counting must have double vision from too much eggnog. #Vikings

There are still 10 minutes to go, and the #Redskins have allowed 30 pts to a #Vikings team that has lost its QB and Pro Bowl RB. Discuss.

Wish the record book kept track of stuff like Longest TD Run Nullified by a Penalty. Banks just had 59-yarder called back. #Redskins #Vikes

Whoever thought, on Christmas Eve, we’d be treated to a rushing duel between Toby Gerhart (104) and Evan Royster (132)? #Redskins #Vikings

This is Gano’s third 4-field-goal game. Also had 4 vs. Titans last year (in OT) and vs. Jets this year. #Redskins #Vikings

Still early in the season, but I’ve yet to see two #NBA-ers fight over a rebound the way shoppers fight over Air Jordan XI Retro Concords.

I can now say I was present for the game Bo Jackson dislocated his hip and the game Adrian Peterson blew out his knee. Call me Jonah. #NFL

On the plus side, I was also present for the game Mario Lemieux made his comeback from cancer. #NHL #Penguins

A Rex Grossman sack/fumble has become such a weekly occurrence that I’m surprised Dan Snyder hasn’t found a sponsor for it. #Redskins #NFL

… The #Redskins could call it the Jiffy Lube Sack/Fumble of the Week or something. #NFL

Has an #NFL QB ever thrown THREE 2-yard TD passes in a game? Aaron Rodgers did that tonight vs. the Bears… . #Packers #Bears

… The #Bears‘ Josh McCown, meanwhile, had a 1-yard scoring toss. I think I speak for all of us when I say: Bombs away! #Packers


If the #Giants make the playoffs, it’ll be because they swept the AFC East. They’re 4-7 vs. NFC, 2-3 in division. #NFL #Cowboys

Did Shanny really say today the #Redskins had “less depth than I [originally] thought”? Two years later, he’s still trying to blame Vinny?

As Hall of Famer Jimmy Conzelman once said: “I always say my teams don’t have enough depth. Makes me look like a better coach.”#Redskins

Under the new CBA, I hear, players can’t start dreaming up excuses not to play in the Pro Bowl until they’ve been voted in. #NFL

Before this yr, only 3 rookie QBs had thrown 20 TD passes and had 80+ rating (Marino, Kelly, Conerly). Newton, Dalton can both do it. #NFL

… And Kelly wasn’t really a rookie because he’d played two seasons in the USFL. #NFL

FWIW: Going into final game, nobody in #NFL has more combined punt and KO return yards than #Redskins‘ Brandon Banks (329/1,121/1,450).

Don’t forget: When the ball clears the line of scrimmage, Graham Gano is 30 for 35 this season — 85.7 percent. (4 blocked.) #Redskins #NFL

The previous tweet, incidentally, was my homage to Batting Average on Balls in Play. #NFL #Redskins

Obscure #NFL stat: The #Raiders‘ Sebastian Janikowski leads the league in pounds per field goal (250 pounds/27 FGs/9.3-pound average).

If the possibility of a Rodgers-Brees matchup in the NFC title game doesn’t excite you, you haven’t got a pulse. #NFL #Saints #Packers

The #Falcons‘ QBs threw 61 times tonight without getting sacked. Call it Passing with Impunity. #NFL #Saints


#NFL free agency is slated to start Mar. 13 — at 4 p.m. rather than midnight. This gives teams an extra 16 hours to jump the gun. #Redskins

As Clint Eastwood might say, “Deserve’s got nothing to do” w/ #Redskins being ignored in Pro Bowl voting. It’s all about how NFL views you.

… And clearly, the league doesn’t have a very high opinion of the talent on the #Redskins roster. Whose fault is that, Vinny or Shanny?

I agree with @MattBowen41, btw. Brian Urlacher will probably be dead 5 years before people stop voting for him for the Pro Bowl. #Redskins

Idle thought: No #Redskins voted to Pro Bowl, yet Cooley called it the most talented team he’d ever played on at the start of the season.

Brees, with 108.4 passer rating, wasn’t voted to start Pro Bowl. Highest rating ever by nonstarter? Nope. Culpepper, 110.9, 2004. #NFL

… Culpepper (and Michael Vick) backed up Donovan McNabb on that ‘04 NFC Pro Bowl squad. #NFL

FYI: One of the two No. 2 picks the #Redskins traded to move up in ‘06 and take Rocky McIntosh turned out to be Pro Bowl S Eric Weddle. #NFL


Top 10 Worst Arena/Stadium Names. I’m just gonna throw KFC Yum! Center out there for starters. #Louisville #Hoyas


If the #NFL was “Glengarry Glen Ross,” the #Giants#Cowboys winner would go to the playoffs, and the loser would get a set of steak knives.

The #Redskins‘ leading rusher (Helu, 635) has been outgained by two QBs this season (Newton 674, Tebow 644). And Vick is close (586). #NFL

Arian Foster has missed two games this year and still has a shot at 2,000 yards from scrimmage (1,841). Try THAT sometime. #Texans #NFL

#Saints‘ Darren Sproles averaging 7 yards on 81 carries. No #NFL RB has had 75+ rushes and averaged 7 yards since Lenny Moore in 1958.

When word filters out of #Patriots Land that Tom Brady had his left shoulder X-rayed, I just assume it’s the right one that’s hurting him.


I see #Baylor beat Washington 67-56 in the Alamo Invitational Basketball Classic. #Huskies

Somebody compared the #AlamoBowl to an Arena game. It was more like a Loyola-Marymount game during the Westhead years. #Baylor #Huskies

Westhead would have loved having a player named RG3 to shoot a bunch of treys for him. #Baylor #Huskies

Can’t wait to meet the #NFL GM who trades up, at great expense, to draft Luck, afraid he’ll get “stuck” with RG3. #Baylor

One way the #NFL has gotten better: Everybody plays on the final Sunday now. Teams vying for playoff spots get same kickoff times. Drama.