The Washington Times - March 23, 2012, 11:20AM


We got a helicopter shot of injured #Tiger fleeing Doral in a car, + now we have one of #Broncos‘ entourage headed to Peyton’s workout. #NFL


The gauntlet has been thrown down, folks. 2012 is going to be all about helicopter shots. (Blimp shots also acceptable.) #NFL #Broncos #Tiger

Possibility of #Manning going to #49ers makes me wonder: Have 2 HOF QBs ever thrown to the same HOF WR? Thinking of Brady/Moss w/ #Pats. #NFL

Answer to my own question: Well, Waterfield and Van Brocklin both threw to Hirsch, Fears on #Rams. So there’s 2. #Manning #49ers #NFL #Pats

Here’s another: Van Brocklin and Jurgensen both threw to Tommy McDonald in Philly. #Manning #49ers #NFL #Pats

And Montana and Young, of course, both threw to Rice in Frisco. #Manning #49ers #NFL #Pats

Don’t know if Dawson ever threw to Bobby Mitchell when he was w/ #Browns, but obviously Sonny threw to Bobby, too. #Manning #NFL #Pats #49ers

Thinking of starting a website devoted to athletes’ complaints (the more inane the better). Might call it The Whine Cellar. #NFL #NBA #MLB

If is to be believed, #Lehigh has never had a player drafted by the #NBA#Duke: 77 and counting.

 Rough week for the #TNT experts. I also seem to remember one of them saying #Memphis was the “strongest 8-seed in #NCAATourney history.”

Speaking of #Lehigh, the football program turned out a pass rusher who was a double-digit sack man for the #Redskins. Who was he?

Answer: Rich Owens, a DE who had 11 sacks in ‘96. Owens was the #Redskins‘ fifth-round pick in ‘95. #Lehigh

Remember the famous Woody Allen line about sex: “the most fun I’ve ever had without laughing”? Day 2 of #NCAA Tournament has been like that.


Not surprised #Redskins re-signed Grossman. I mean, as Shanny told Larry Michael recently, they had a “playoff-caliber offense” last year.

File that last Shanahan quote, by the way, under “John Beck has everything you look for in a quarterback” (e.g. 2 arms, 2 legs). #Redskins

Even if Rex starts early on, I’ll bet Shanny puts in some packages for #RG3 to take advantage of his cardiovascular endurance. #Redskins

Having dispensed with Albert Haynesworth, the #Patriots sign Brandon Lloyd to fill the Player Who Really Irritated #Redskins Fans slot. #NFL

Brandon should work out better for #Pats than Albert did. For one thing, when you hold a mirror in front of his mouth, it fogs up. #Redskins

Getting back to BLloyd, he’s one of just 7 active WRs with 300 receptions and a 15-yards-per-catch average (311/15.38). #Redskins #Patriots

The others are Calvin Johnson, Greg Jennings, Lee Evans, Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress. #Redskins #Patriots

Actually, now that Randy Moss (954, 15.57) has returned to the #NFL wars, his name should be on the list, too. #Redskins #Patriots

Saw the #Nats played their third spring training tie today vs. the #Marlins. Maybe it’s time for baseball to start thinking about shootouts.

Not to worry. I’ll be in Viera on Sunday to write on the game vs. the #Tigers — and I promise, I ain’t leavin’ without a winner. #Nats

#MLB scoreboard: #Nationals 1, #Marlins 1. Or to put it another way, I went to see the #Nats play, and the 2002 All-Star Game broke out.

The Florida Panthers have been really good at not losing in regulation this season. Does that qualify as Damning With Faint Praise? #Caps

Famous Buzzes: Aldrin, Lightyear, Williams, Peterson (because MJ was the best man at his wedding). Who else? Buzzy Bavasi? #Marquette #UNC

Buzz Bissinger, author of “Friday Night Lights.” Let’s not forget him. #BuzzesUberAlles

And how about Buzz Nutter? Started at C for the #Colts during their glory years in the ‘50s. #NFL

Buzz Capra led the National League in ERA in ‘74 for the #Braves (2.28). He DEFINITELY belongs on our list of Buzz-tastic sports figures.

Finally, how about Buzz Schneider? Played LW on the “Miracle on Ice” U.S. Olympic hockey team in 1980. OK, I’m callin’ it a night. #U-S-A!


“Niners’ Smith, Miami talk for 5 hrs.” This is what happens when u don’t trade for #RG3. U end up talking to Alex Smith for 5 hrs. #Redskins.

Came away from Bryce Harper’s Golden Sombrero performance today more convinced than ever he’s going to be a major star. #Nats

K, K, K, K … followed by a double that bounced off the center field wall. You’ve gotta respect that. The kid doesn’t faze easily. #Nats

The thing I appreciate Peyton Manning most for is that, now when I think of the number 18, I don’t think of Mike Tomczak. #Colts #Bears

If I were #Seahawks, I’d have wanted to see tape of Flynn throwing a wet ball. Of course, there isn’t much tape of Flynn throwing a dry one.

Suddenly, Mike Knuble k-not be stopped. #Caps #NHL

A heckuva man, Furman Bisher. He died today at 93, which means he was 90 when I covered the 2009 Masters with him… . #FurmanBisher

One time I stumbled across a story he’d written in the ‘40s, before he’d joined the Atlanta J-C, and mailed it to him… . #FurmanBisher

He sent back a nice note and said he remembered the story well. Also lamented being “so old that people keep mailing me … #FurmanBisher

“these stories I wrote eons ago.” Furman, bless him, never forgot a name. Even if he just met you in passing, he’d … . #FurmanBisher

remember your name years later — like he did mine once on a train platform at the Albertville Olympics. Envied him for that. #FurmanBisher

My buddy Bob Cohn of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review just emailed: “[Furman] was a giant. And he never tweeted.” #FurmanBisher

Here’s how long Furman was around. Another writer once told me, “Ty Cobb put him onto Coca-Cola stock in the early days.” #FurmanBisher


Gotta believe that, if they knew Peyton Manning was coming, the #Broncos never would have traded Brandon Lloyd last season. #NFL #Patriots

The #Redskins‘ next game against the #Broncos, by the way, will be in 2013 (@Den) — unless, of course, Peyton and #RG3 square off in SB 47.

So … will the #NFL schedule a Brady-Manning matchup in Week 1 (@NE) or save it for later in the season? I say later. #Pats #Broncos

Five of the #Pats‘ eight home games, btw, will be vs. teams that either pursued Manning (SF, ARIZ, MIA, DEN) or got rid of him (IND).

And 7 of #Broncos‘ 10 non-division games this year will be vs. 2011 playoff teams (NE, BAL, CIN, PIT, HOU, NO, ATL). Welcome, Peyton. #NFL

Seth Greenberg talking to Lindsay Czarniak on #ESPN looks like Lex Luthor giving a jailhouse interview. #Hokies

YOU decide. Here’s Seth Greenberg. And here’s Lex Luthor. #Hokies #ESPN


The #Mets coughed up $162 million in the Madoff case? That’s how much Darrelle Revis wanted from #Jets not long ago.

Can’t help thinking the fraternal courtesy of signing with an AFC team (instead of #49ers) is going to cost Peyton a ring, maybe more. #NFL

Also, in Indy, home-field advantage meant a nice, comfy dome. In Denver, it might earn him the honor of freezing his ass off. #Broncos #NFL

Maybe the best part about Manning signing with the #Broncos is that fans have been reminded of the grandeur that was Frank Tripucka. #NFL

Tripucka, the #Broncos‘ first QB, was the original No. 18 — and the club retired his number … which will now have to be unretired. #NFL

Another distinction of Tripucka’s: He QB’d the #NFL‘s Dallas Texans to the only victory in their 1-year (1952) history… . #Broncos

The Texans went bust that season, and the #NFL had to take them over. They relocated to Hershey, Pa., for the last month. #Broncos

But they did manage to beat the #Bears at the Akron Rubber Bowl to avoid going winless — thanks to Tripucka’s heroics. #Broncos #NFL

Here’s the box score of that Tripucka-led win, complete with Frank’s two TD runs. #Broncos #NFL

No joke: I was scarfing down a piece of pizza at the Orlando Airport and Barry Cofield strode by on the moving escalator. #Redskins

Do I get #Redskins Sightings Points for that?


FYI: Philip Rivers went 4th the year the #Redskins took Sean Taylor 5th. Aaron Rodgers (24) went one pick ahead of Jason Campbell (25)…

… And Dan Marino (27) was the player taken before Darrell Green (28). How many franchises can say that? #Redskins

Also, future Redskin Matt Bowen was selected 198th in the same draft that Tom Brady was selected 199th. Are we having fun yet? #Redskins

One more: The Cowboys drafted Roger Staubach with the 129th pick in 1964. The #Redskins had the 130th pick. I’m not making this up.

And if you want to go really far back, when the Rams took HOFer Norm Van Brocklin 37th in 1949, the #Redskins (38th) were next up.

Speaking of Stanford’s Pro Day, I’m just thrilled I can watch Luck on TV and not have to read later that another horse died. #NFL

Luck and RG3 figuring to go 1-2 in this draft raises the question: How many drafts have produced two Super Bowl-winning QBs? #NFL

Here’s your answer: 4. 2004 (E. Manning, Big Ben), ‘79 (Simms, Montana), ‘71 (Plunkett, Theismann) and ‘56 (Morrall, Starr). #NFL

Interesting, isn’t it? Only one draft in the last 32 (1980-2011) has had two QBs who’ve gone on to win the Super Bowl. #NFL

Interesting, too, that the ‘04 draft (Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger) is the only one to give us two MULTIPLE-SB-winning QBs. #NFL

If #Louisville and #Kentucky ended up meeting in the #FinalFour, would the Bluegrass State spontaneously combust? #MarchMadness