The Washington Times - February 28, 2008, 02:26PM
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President Bush his column for Time magazine
At a lunch for Peace Corps volunteers in Ghana, the President introduces the First Lady and Condi. Then he introduces me. It turns into a very funny Geldof roast. Finally, he says, “Anyway, he doesn’t look it, but he’s all right. And I’m not saying that to blow smoke up his rear just because he’s doing some piece on me.” Thanks for the compliment, Mr. President. He makes the volunteers relaxed and easy with him. They introduce themselves. One woman tells how six months previously, she was bitten by a cobra and rushed to hospital. As she was passing out, she tells the President, “that little voice whispered to me, ‘You’ll be all right,’ and I was.” She pauses, and says meaningfully to him: “You know that little voice, I think?” “Not really,” Bush says drily. “I’ve never been bitten by a cobra.” As they tell their stories he refers to them as being among the best of America. “I like courage and compassion. We are a courageous and compassionate people.” A middle-aged couple say they gave up their careers and home to come to Africa. “It’s important to take risks for the things you believe in,” says Bush. Then disarmingly, he says to the man, who lives in a village, “What’s social life like here?” “What’s social life anywhere at 59?” the man asks his President, who is 61. “Tell me about it,” says Bush. “Bed at 6:30!”
— Jon Ward, White House correspondent, The Washington Times