The Washington Times - February 27, 2008, 04:04PM
comments from departed forward Matt Pettinger in the Vancouver Sun Pettinger SEE RELATED:

\ “I disagree with that. I didn’t butt heads. I wanted nothing more than Matt to succeed, and I think we gave him every chance. If he is using that, then I think it is a little bit of a copout. He and I never butted heads. At one point I called him in and said, ‘This is what we think as a coaching staff. You have to go to the net more and do this a little bit more, but we think you’re capable of scoring and you’ve proven it.’ I think it just got to a point where he needed a change of scenery. His confidence was probably at an all-time low and maybe that was his perception that he wasn’t one of ‘the coach’s guys’ but I’ve told our coaches in here that wasn’t case. If was scoring, he would have been playing more.”\

\ Also, Fedorov said he hasn’t skated since Saturday because of the charley horse he suffered in the game that day (against Huet’s Canadiens, no less), but he expects to able to practice tomorrow and hopes to be in the lineup Friday night.\

\ — Corey Masisak