The Washington Times - July 1, 2008, 12:45PM

Green just talked to the media on a conference call. Here is some of what he had to say:

Q: Does this big contract put pressure on you?


Green: I think there is a little bit of pressure but I also think it takes a lot of pressure off to know you are with your team and where you want to be. We have a lot of unfinished business here in Washington, or at least I feel that way, and I am happy to play here.

Q: Why did you end up not testing the market and looking for an offer sheet?

Green: If I was going to end up in Washington, I wanted to be loyal. I personally didn’t know it would take this long, that it would go down to the last day. I don’t think that was necessarily the intention, but sometimes that happens. I am just happy to be with my team still.

Q: How much of an impact did Bruce Boudreau have on you?

Green: Bruce gave me the opportunity to play in Hershey the way that I can and the play I had when I was younger, which when I was up with Washington I never really got that opportunity to play [as much]. Bruce knew me as a player when I was in Hershey and when he got signed to Washington, he just let me play my game. I think as a player that is the most important thing — it is not putting limitations on certain players and letting guys play within the structure of the system that he promotes.

Q: Did knowing Bruce would be here have an impact on you wanting to stay?

Green: Yeah, me and Bruce been through quite a bit over the last three years. He won coach of the year and he was only there for three-fourths of the season, so it just goes to show how good of a coach he is and how great of a person he is.

Q: With so many guys signing long-term contracts, how did you end up with a four-year deal?

Green: To be honest, we were kind of all over the map. I think it just made the most sense in years. I would have signed a 10-year deal if it had made sense, but it just seemed like the four-year deal made the most sense for myself and Washington.

As for what Green is looking forward to purchase with his new income, he said this car is the front-runner. 

- Corey Masisak