The Washington Times - October 15, 2012, 07:30AM

Former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani said Monday that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s purported shifts in his positions on a host of subjects is no longer an issue for him and that Mr. Romney, a “practical businessperson,” would not be an “extreme ideologue” if elected president.

“He has changed his position on virtually everything,” Mr. Giuliani said in February on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “He was a traditional, moderate Republican … and he changed all that.”


Mr. Giuliani, however, said Mr. Romney’s changes no longer give him pause.

“I looked at President Obama, I said four more years of President Obama, a disaster for our economy, a confused foreign policy, a Middle East that’s falling apart — my goodness, Mitt Romney’d be a lot better than that,” Mr. Giuliani said Monday on CNN’s “Starting Point.”

“None of us are perfect,” he continued. “Pluses, minuses: You take Romney’s pluses and minuses against Obama’s pluses and minuses — [we’ve] got a chance for an economy that can really recover, [we’ve] got a chance for a Middle East policy that will make some sense … I think [a] President Romney would be a lot more focused.”

Mr. Giuliani was then asked who he thinks the “real” Mitt Romney is — the moderate or the conservative.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that Mitt Romney is informed by ideology, he’s center-right, but he’s basically a practical businessperson,” Mr. Giuliani said. “And maybe some of my judgment of him comes from my own background … [I] came into politics from government service. He came into politics from being a businessperson. I think this is a practical problem-solver. I don’t think we’re going to see an extreme ideologue in the White House if he becomes president of the United States. Look at his background. Everything else suggests he’s going to be a problem-solver.”