The Washington Times - October 27, 2012, 07:56AM

Ann Wagner, the Republican candidate running for Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District seat currently held by Rep. W. Todd Akin, touted Mitt Romney and blasted President Obama Saturday, in part by recounting her personal experience of working at her family’s retail carpet business at a young age.

“As a first-time candidate, I do a lot of listening,” Ms. Wagner said in the GOP’s weekly address. “For all the fear out there, the one thing I hear most often is, ‘we can do better.’ It’s what our parents taught us. I can remember watching mine toil morning, noon and night. I saw my father deal with every headache the government threw his way – whether it had to do with the signs on the front of the building or the prices on the showroom floor.”


Ms. Wagner then called for overhauling “our 72,000-page monstrosity of a tax code,” repealing Mr. Obama’s health care overhaul and developing America’s energy resources.

“These are all good ideas that Mitt Romney supports, but President Obama has ignored or rejected,” she said. “That’s disappointing, especially considering how his policies have failed. He promised to listen, promised us change, but all we’ve gotten is more of the same. More spending, more red tape, more debt and decline. A loss of hope.”

“This election is not about President Obama the person, it’s about his failed Presidency and failed leadership,” Ms. Wagner continued. “Our country is going in the wrong direction – and Mitt Romney is the only leader who can turn this economy around, get Americans back to work and build the better America our parents worked and sacrificed to make possible. That’s the opportunity before us. And it’s the one we must seize, for the sake of our children and the future of our great nation.”

Ms. Wagner is running for the seat currently held by Republican W. Todd Akin, whose challenge to incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill was dealt a significant blow in August when Mr. Akin said that in cases of “legitimate rape,” the female body had mechanisms to prevent pregnancy. She had been mentioned as a possible replacement for Mr. Akin in the Senate race after his comments.