The Washington Times - October 8, 2012, 08:41AM

In anticipation of a major foreign policy speech by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Monday, President Obama’s campaign released a new ad reminding voters of Mr. Romney’s overseas trip in July and media coverage labeling it “amateurish.”

Showing photos of Mr. Romney’s campaign bus driving up to his plane, a narrator quotes headlines and editorials calling Mr. Romney’s comments on the trip “reckless” and “amateurish.”


“That’s what news media and fellow Republicans called Mitt Romney’s gaffe-filled July tour of England, Israel and Poland,” the narrator says while a video clip plays of Mr. Romney boarding a plane with his head bowed.

The ad then turns to the attack on the a U.S. Consulate in Libya that killed U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans — an assault that has caused political headaches for Mr. Obama over questions about the lack of security at the diplomatic outpost.

The narrator cites the New York Times calling Mr. Romney’s early criticism of the Obama administration’s handling of the violent protests that resulted in the attack a “knee-jerk response” that “showed an extraordinary lack of presidential character” and quotes Anthony Cordesman, a former foreign policy adviser to Sen. John McCain, the Arizona Republican who ran against Mr. Obama in 2008, calling Mr. Romney’s remarks “the worst possible reaction to what happened.”

“If this is how he handles the world now,” the ad says, “just think what Mitt Romney might do as president.”