The Washington Times - October 22, 2013, 08:12AM

Sen. Marco Rubio hit the television talk show circuit Tuesday touting his plan to delay the individual mandate in Obamacare until the government takes care of the mounting problems from the programs’ costly website.

Mr. Rubio, a Florida Republican, said he will introduce a bill to put the individual mandate on hold because it is not fair to “punish people” for not purchasing a product that they can’t purchase right now because the website is not working.

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“The website that they are supposed to buy it on, by the president’s own admission, is not working,” Mr. Rubio said on CBS “This Morning.” “So, all I am working for is a delay on that requirement until the General Accounting Office of the United States certifies that the website is up and working and functioning and has been functioning for six conservative months.”

Mr. Rubio, who also appeared on “Fox and Friends,” repeated that he thinks the Affordable Care Act should be repealed and replaced.

He supported the push from Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah to have lawmakers take a piecemeal approach to funding government operations in hopes of withholding funding Obamacare funding — an effort that members of both parties blame for the unpopular 16-day government shutdown and say took attention away from the disastrous Obamacare rollout.

“I think it is a very prudent approach,” Mr. Rubio said of his plan to delay the mandate, adding that the White House has not ruled out a delay. “They understand that the problems that this website faces are significant and are going to be very difficult to fix in just a number of weeks.”