The Washington Times - July 4, 2008, 12:58PM

The biggest letdown from last year’s tournament isn’t the absence of El Tigre or Lefty. It’s the players’ parking lot.

Last summer, the lot was littered with sweet rides, including John Daly’s $300,000 Maybach. This year, the lot is nothing but long lines of bland rental Buicks.


“Nothing exciting this year,” says parking attendant Terence Lyles, who has seen every pro roll through in Buick Enclaves over the past two days. “This has not been one of my favorite events.”

Lyles, who works for Atlantic Services Group, says AT&T National has nothing on the Legg Mason, which he will work later in the summer. The only highlight has been the occasional break in the Buick monotony —even if it means a jalopy. Apparently, some of the less-accomplished Tour members still ride around in Q-school cruisers. They are also the most generous.

“The guys with the piece of trash, they are usually the biggest tippers,” says Lyles as he waives K.J. Choi’s red Enclave past. “A 1999 Honda Civic can fetch you like $20-$30.”

The veteran attendant attributes the lack of classy automobiles to — what else? — Tiger’s absence and was hoping to see Woods drive up from Florida in something nice.

“I remember he drove a Brown Buick last year,” says Lyles.

What else?

— Harlan Goode