The Washington Times - July 1, 2008, 03:45PM

The Wizards officially re-introduced the newly re-signed Antawn Jamison, who signed a four-year $50 million contract yesterday.

Not much new other than some glowing quotes from Abe Polin and Ernie Grunfeld.


Abe Polin:

“What a happy, happy day for me. A really, really happy day because my friend here, and great player will be spending the rest of his career with the Wizards.”

“He is a great, fantastic athlete, but also a human being of the highest caliper. He reminds me of Wes Unseld and I’ve never had anybody else I’ve said that about.”

“My goal is to win a championship. I know I’m a little old, and a little sick. But I’ll be around until we make the goddamned championship. I’m a little stubborn like that.”

Ernie Grunfeld:

“It was obviously important for us to get Antawn locked up. … He was one of only six players last year to average 20 points and 10 rebounds a game. … He brings it every single night, and not only for games, but for practices. And even as good a player as he is, he’s an even better person.”

Antawn Jamison:

“I definitely want to thank Mr. Polin. From Day 1, he made myself and my family feel important. I want to thank Ernie, Milt [Newton] and Tommy Shepard for doing a fabulous job putting a championship contender together.”

“I’m definitely excited, and it was the reason it was a no-brainer to come back here. If healthy, it’s scary.”

* * *

Nothing new on the Gilbert front, other than another confirmation that a six-year $127 million deal was offered. The deal is on the table, it’s up to him when he wants to give the OK.