The Washington Times - August 1, 2008, 10:23AM

It was a relatively short practice this morning. The Redskins will also go this afternoon before getting ready to leave for Ohio, but coach Jim Zorn the workout will also be short. Here are a few things from the proceedings:

*Zorn broke down what he expects his quarterback rotation to be Sunday. Jason Campbell will play the first series or two and Todd Collins will finish the first half. Colt Brennan will start the second half and is likely to give way to Derek Divine, but Zorn said he could leave Brennan in if things are going well and let Devine be the No. 3 guy next week.


*WR Malcolm Kelly and LB Rocky McIntosh have been ruled out, joining a long list of guys who won’t see the field in Canton. Zorn also said new LB Alfred Fincher is not likely to play on defense but maybe on special teams. LBs London Fletcher, H.B. Blades and Rian Wallace are also out, and Marcus Washington won’t be in there very long. Expect to see a whole lot of Khary Campbell, Danny Verdun-Wheeler, Curtis Gatewood and Matt Sinclair (though he does have a shoulder injury to play through).

*Zorn was asked about his experience in the 1984 Hall of Fame Game, and let’s just say he memory of that day was fuzzy. OK, he doesn’t remember it at all. But he was happy to be told he completed 4 of 6 passes in the game. “See, I was awesome,” Zorn said. “I should have just said I was awesome.”