The Washington Times - August 19, 2008, 01:39PM

On missing Tropical Storm Fay which is pounding his South Florida home:



“That’s just a little storrm. I’ve been through plenty of those.”


On his No. 55 jersey selling well:


“Actually, I haven’t seen any. I saw my mom wearing one. There are some out there? No, but it is great to be well-received and that people are excited and optimistic about this team. They should be. This is a good football team.”


On switching sides with fellow defensive end Andre Carter during practice without the coaches’ knowledge:


“We just do it. What are they going to say?”

On becoming popular with non-football fans because of his success of “Dancing With The Stars“:


“The show reached a lot of people, everywhere I go. I was at the gas station last night. A lady and her daughter brought up “Dancing With The Stars.” They don’t watch football which is fine.”


On being a different person on the field:


“We can’t walk around the streets sacking people at the grocery store. … It can cost you a lot of money … You gotta be personable, but on Sundays, we turn it on and get it done.”


On leadership:

“I think people sometimes get the idea of being a leader messed up a little bit. A leader doesn’t come in and start saying things and breaking chalkboards and throwing bottles around the locker room. It starts with your play. … I’m not a big rah-rah guy. That’s high school stuff. I’d rather go out there and play hard show them the way to do it. When you talk too much, you lose credibility”

David Elfin