The Washington Times - August 4, 2008, 05:00PM

Since we were robbed of a lot of Web time today, I figured the least we could do is share a few relevant quotes from Jim Zorn‘s press conference earlier today.

On the play of Jason Campbell:


“He had plays in the pocket, he kept the tempo up, and he made a conscious effort to do those things for the entire time he was in the game. As we move along during the preseason, he will continue to get better.  He made a good start last night.”

On whether the team performed up to his expectations:

“The majority of the game was played the way we wanted. The quarterbacks were trying to throw on rhythm, the receivers were trying to get to their spots, but we had some risky throws and fortunate catches. Colt Brennan had a couple of plays that could have gone either way. Those are things he can learn from, and he has to become a more disciplined quarterback and not risk as much as he did in the game. This week those risks turned out great for us, but they could have easily turned out the other way.”

On whether he took time during the game to take in the moment:

“I was very excited about calling plays. I was wondering how it was going to be on the sideline. What last night showed was that our staff has a lot of experience and everybody did their job. We had a lot of veteran leadership on the sideline, and all of them stayed in the game and rooted on the younger players.”