The Washington Times - September 13, 2011, 04:22PM

The Islamic Republic of Iran has decided that television can no longer be interesting. The semi-official news agency Fars reports that based on a new government ruling, “the broadcasting of programs that show tempting love triangles is banned.” There was no word what prompted the blow against what must comprise half the television dramas in history, but observers speculated that it may be a response to a wildly popular Iranian soap opera. The plot of the series “Forbidden Fruit” (Miveye Mammooye), first aired in 2007, centered on a love affair between Haj Younes, a wealthy, older, religious married man and Hasti, a young, beautiful, independent-minded woman. The story also involved shady business deals, murder and other intrigues. But the conservative Islamic regime apparently felt that shows like this are a threat to public morality and so they had to be banned. 

Also newly forbidden are foreign and domestic shows that display “half-naked men.” No word on what personal hangup the Mullahs are trying to work out with that decree.