The Washington Times - March 19, 2011, 02:42PM

My friend Adam Kilgore at the Washington Post had a funny tweet Friday afternoon: @AdamKilgoreWP: Mike Rizzo, to @acomak while riding on the elevator: “Ever since you showed up, we stink.”

@acomak is Amanda Comak, our Nationals beat writer.  Since she arrived in Viera, Fla., to begin her duties on site, the Nats have, well, you saw what their general manager said.

Jordan Zimmermann and Jason Marquis were having great springs until Amanda got to town.


But let’s not limit this to the Nats.  We haven’t even published a section yet — look for the first one on Monday — and we’re already moving into Sports Illustrated territory when it comes to jinxes.

When we invited Nathan Fenno to move from Seattle and join our staff to cover Georgetown among other things, he thought he’d be covering a Top 10 team that had a shot at the Final Four.  Instead, he arrived in time to see three very one-sided losses (the last of which was to my alma mater but that’s unrelated to any jinx).

Patrick Stevens never really stopped covering Maryland between stints with The Times, but since his return the Terps floundered and played their way out of the NCAA tournament AND the NIT.

As interesting a start as we’re off to here, we have nothing on Sports Illustrated. Check out this list, provided by Wikipedia.  Now that’s a jinx.

We have a long way to go to match that and we’re losing “jinx” points anyway because our early performance hasn’t stretched across the board.  Carla Peay, our Wizards writer, actually saw the team win a game.  That hasn’t happened too often this season.  Stephen Whyno is covering the Capitals, who have been pretty hot lately.  However, they did see their losing streak snapped not long after Stephen started.    That they won again Friday night, by shutout on the road, mitigates our culpability.

Things will settle down soon, of course.  We’re all excited to start publishing actual sections and to continue to grow our coverage.  Waiting for Monday is not unlike how I felt waiting for my children to be born.  I couldn’t wait to begin the adventure that is parenthood and I cannot wait for this adventure.

It has been an adventure already and a fun one, though some area teams might dispute that.

We haven’t hired a Redskins writer yet.  We hope to have that done soon.  Having seen the Redskins play a number of times in recent years, I’ll make it clear right now:  That one is not on us!