The Washington Times - December 5, 2008, 09:12AM

If you’re hoping to get in good with Washington Capitals owner (and all-around nice guy) Ted Leonsis, you’re out of luck. Digitally, that is.

Mr. Leonsis announced to the world this morning that “the urban myth is true” — Facebook, the wildly popular social networking site, limits folks to 5,000 “friends,” or, more accurately, 5,0001 in Mr. Leonsis’ case.


It’s ironic in one sense: Mr. Leonsis was a high-tech publishing pioneer who was a big wheel at AOL for a long time. If anyone should be well connected digitally, it’s him. And he is, but there are limits.

How did your humble scribe find out about this? I won’t say, other than to note that such status announcements as the one Mr. Leonsis posted are only relayed to his Facebook friends. (I’m nowhere near 5,000, so come one, come all.)