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DENVER These guys stood in the sun all day to greet the media going into the security tent in front of the Pepsi Center today. I never got a chance to talk to them, so I’m not sure if they were trying to be funny or if they were more along the lines of the other folks I spotted in front of the gate.


Those guys held signs accusing Barack Obama of being “bad for America and Israel” and one that blared: “Democrats not united, Biden can’t help!”


I had a profile of Biden in today’s paper looking at his early ambition:


When Joe Biden was a junior in high school, he looked through a book listing members of Congress and he knew he wanted to grace its pages one day.

His early ambition earned him a reputation as a young Democratic up-and-comer, taking the Senate oath as a 30-year-old (the youngest permissible age), a shining star among his colleagues remarkably similar to Sen. Barack Obama‘s quick rise from state senator to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Now, the senator from Delaware is known as a statesman, and he will be the running mate for Mr. Obama, a man 18 years younger and of whom Mr. Biden once said was “like catching lightning in a jar.”

As a young man, Mr. Biden marveled that the politicians in the congressional book “were from wealthy and well-established families. The ones who got there on their own hook were almost all lawyers.”

“So that set my course,” he wrote in his 2007 autobiography, “Promises to Keep.”

Read the full story here.


Biden also greeted Obama supporters with this welcome message earlier today:





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