The Washington Times - August 26, 2008, 06:40PM

DENVER — Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean took a shot at the mainstream media and praised youthful bloggers.

During a luncheon with about 120 progressive bloggers, Dean condemned the press for characterizing his party as divided between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He taunted the press by telling the bloggers that they had better access to convention events and speakers than traditional media outlets.


“I know this’ll break your heart, but you actually have better credentials than the mainstream media does,” Dean said. “I bet you’ll get a kick out of that. I know you’re very sad about that.”

During a failed 2004 presidential bid, Dean was astonishingy effective at tapping into online grassroots support, garnering enthusiasm during that presidential cycle that bloggers said has been converted into support for Obama.

Dean said there are four times as many bloggers at this year’s Democratic convention as in 2004, and each state delegation has a designated blogger to attend functions and sit on the convention floor.