The Washington Times - September 1, 2008, 08:20PM

Just a short time spent at an anti-war rally here at the Republican National Convention yielded quite a few sights and sounds.

Members of the Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War gathered in front of the Minnesota State Capitol building Monday morning before a massive march down to the Xcel Energy Center. Here are a few awards stemming from the event.


Best Sign: “Guns Don’t Kill People, Republicans Kill People.”

Least Creative Costume: A protester dressed in a George Bush mask.

Best Costume (or one of them): A child dressed head-to-toe as Uncle Sam, accompanied by a woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

Best Dance Party: Whatever dance party was going on that featured a crowd of sweaty teens and 20-somethings, presumably dancing for peace. But who knows?

Most Surprising Song Heard During a Protest March: “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson.

Best Mascot: Echo, a black-and-white border colllie wearing a sign that said “Dogs for Pee(ce).”

Best Conceptual Protest Art: A 20-foot-long ice sculpture of the word “Democracy” melting in the sun.

Photos by Barbara Salisbury.


Gary Emerling, Virginia political reporter, The Washington Times