The Washington Times - October 9, 2009, 11:30AM

Update: A sly take on Obama’s Nobel from John Henke. (Added by Dave Mastio)



President Obama may have been snubbed by the International Olympic Committee last week in Copenhagen, but the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize committee gave the president a boost this morning by presenting him with the Nobel Peace Prize.  The response from various bloggers both conservative and liberal and is that of shock to say the least.  However, not every supporter of Mr. Obama believes he deserved the award just yet.:

  • Peter Beinart at the Daily Beast : Obama’s Nobel Farce

The president has done nothing to deserve the peace prize. Peter Beinart on why the award only aids the right’s arguments that Obamamania bears no relation to reality.

  • The Local(Sweden News) : Obama Nobel win shocks Swedish peace group

Ek conceded that the US president had sent “positive signals” with regard to his future commitment to global peace. “But at the same time Obama is the president of the biggest military power in the world and is waging two wars in the world. That should certainly disqualify him from a peace prize,” said Ek. 

  • Michael Russnow at the Huffington Post: Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Laureate: Whatever Happened to Awarding for Deeds Actually Done?

So, at the moment, I believe it is enormously premature for Obama to be getting this great tribute, which to a certain extent cheapens the prior recipients and the work all of them performed over so many years.

  • Richard Kim at The NationThe Aspirational Nobel
These Nobel sentiments, however, are aspirational in my view. Obama doesn’t deserve the prize, yet.