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Here are a number of stories The Washington Times Water Cooler blog covered and sometimes broke throughout 2010. Writers and contributors to this blog are looking forward to another year in 2011 of great news stories, opinion journalism, and political thought.



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DECEMBER 2010 - Lawmakers on the hill debate controversial issues as the clock ticks down to 2011.

DADT repealed; What next for those who attack military recruiters?

Rangel to TWT: I don’t deal in average American citizens

Sen. Levin to remove ‘controversial’ items in defense bill

Sanders and Landrieu outraged over tax compromise


NOVEMBER 2010 - The GOP won a majority in the House and Democrats scramble to pass key legislation.

Final session for 111th Congress looking lamer for key Democratic legislation

Chaffetz says newer members can fend off old spending habits of older members

Immigration stance likely not reason for Angle campaign demise

Reid evangelized for early voting among Hispanics

WikiLeaks doc dump furthers Obama as weak on international front


OCTOBER 2010 - Democrats pulled out the stops to defend their seats across the country.

NV Poll worker on union intimidation: It’s not like they’re gonna kill anybody

Nevada voters from Democratic base release anti-Harry Reid ad (video)

AFL-CIO official: Jesus couldn’t do anything more than Obama has done

Obama admin to release guidelines on disciplining minority students

SEPTEMBER 2010 - Congress recessed for final 2010 mid-term campaign pushes.

Barney Frank on mid-term race: Right wing media targeted me

Leahy: Allow retired justices to sit on SCOTUS

Sirhan book dedication sinks Ayers at the University

A GOP House majority not really like the 90’s

AUGUST 2010 -The proposed Ground Zero mosque in New York City became an international debate.

WH counter-terrorism adviser Brennan storms out of TWT offices

AUDIO - Rep. Pelosi calls for investigation of WTC mosque opposition

PICKET: Reid’s unrepentant immigration hypocrisy

Reid immigration flip followed labor’s flip on immigration

ICE Union employees: ICE Director won’t let us enforce U.S. immigration laws

JULY 2010 - Congress passed the banking regulation bill with the help of Senator Scott Brown and other GOP Senators.

San Francisco bans…

Rangel says he’s not resigning

New Black Panther MySpace Page flashback

Pelosi on ‘swamp’ remark: Nevermind Dem corruption

Scott Brown support for Wall St. overhaul a puzzling move

JUNE 2010 - The Obama administration was criticized from all sides on their handling of the BP Oil spill.

Senator Kerry: Spain’s failed green job program was an ‘anomaly’

Rangel on WH faith in BP: They don’t have the slightest clue

Video: Harry Reid dodges question on SEIU protesting private citizen

MAY 2010 - Americans continued to question the Obama administration on health care, energy, and economics.

Sestak talks to press while Issa looks on

Audio: Sen. Boxer’s answer to energy crisis: end oil drilling and check your tire pressure

Audio: Rep. Weiner poo poo’s new CBO health care estimate showing larger cost

Joan Rivers critical of Obama economic policy

APRIL 2010 - The Arizona immigration bill fired up pro-amnesty groups to call for a boycott against the state.

Feinstein against San Francisco boycott of Arizona

Audio: Sen. Boxer’s answer to energy crisis: end oil drilling and check your tire pressure

Audio: Rep. Weiner poo poo’s new CBO health care estimate showing larger cost

Hispanic agitators in D.C. mobilize for ‘mother country’

Feinstein against San Francisco boycott of Arizona

Obama: Interns for me but not for thee

AUDIO: Origin of Rep. Carson’s racism accusation toward health care protesters

Video - Rep. Cleaver on spitting incident: ‘ I never reported anything

MARCH 2010 - Negative reaction to health care bill caused liberals to attack tea party activists.

Video: Was spitting incident toward lawmaker intentional?

Stupak defends district’s Planned Parenthood clinics

Video appears to dispute lawmaker’s claim of protesters’ racial slurs

DHC memo shows Democrats panicking on CBO score

Health care bill opponents: Executive order on abortion doesn’t cut it

FEBRUARY 2010 - Past statements on GOP corruption stalked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Video: Rep. Pelosi’s changing statements on tea partiers 2009 - 2010

Pelosi says Rangel did not violate rules, committee member says otherwise

ACU responds to Huckabee attack on CPAC

Marvel admits to ‘mistake’ in controversial Captain America comic   

Rep. King: Pelosi should be concerned about upcoming CIA doc dump


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