The Washington Times - January 3, 2014, 11:51AM

The old, weird drug culture from the days of Timothy Leary and 1960s hippie clans has taken on a new identity - and a major newspaper is involved. Welcome to “The Cannabist” - a splashy news site created by The Denver Post, and dedicated to the art and culture of marijuana. So says Linda Shapley, director of newsroom operations at the Colorado paper.

We’re talking recipes, product reviews, “resources,” legal points and suggestions for ladies’ parties, among other things.


Some will applaud or giggle about the idea. Others may cringe. Still more could be shocked, curious, amazed or simply disinterested. Time marches on, however. This is not your father’s - or grandfather’s - drug culture.

A sample?

“One of the great edible pleasures in life is a moist piece of buttery cinnamon coffee cake with just the right amount of streusel and swirl It’ always have a boatload of weed in it, as it does in this recipe, but when I thought of foods that would be perfect when medicated, this came quickly to mind,” advises chef Laurie Wolf in her debut column - “Kitchen Kush” - now at the site.

“It’s pretty easy to make. Lots of butter, so a perfect recipe for a medicated make-over. When cooking with marijuana, you need fat,”the chef says, noting that she is dedicated to “high quality medicated food.”