The Washington Times - September 1, 2008, 11:53PM

All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer, AT-TE (Hasbro, $99.99, requires three AA batteries). Here’s a case of great news turning to terrible news turning back to promising news when discussing one of Hasbro’s premiere toys based on the Clone Army’s valued ground transport vehicle.

Those who already have dropped a heavy C-note on this almost 2-foot-long, tech-loaded wonder know that it includes a single trooper but fits more than 19 more, 3 3/4-inch buddies inside. Foot pegs can hold the figures into position, and it has a rack for blasters.


Hasbro's All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer, the AT-TE

They also know the AT-TE has a light-up cannon on top, a rear hatch with three doors that magically unfold with the push of a button, a cockpit, six missile turrets (projectiles included) and working side doors. Heck, the thing even speaks with Clone warrior authority using seven phrases and unloads a bevy of sound effects such as laser blasts and grinding mechanical thuds with help from a bank of buttons.

Hasbro's All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer, the AT-TE, in the middle of a battle. (Photo by Joseph Szadkowski)

Unfortunately, they also know that the six legs of this beast fall off as soon as someone looks at it the wrong way. That’s excellent intel for Gen. Grievous and the Separatists but bad news for the heartbroken kid who is weeping to his parents and searching YouTube for fixes to his dilemma.

Hasbro officially feels your pain and will help. It appears the early production run had liberally loose joints designed to be removable, obviously a bit too removable. A company spokesperson says it has made a slight adjustment to the toy’s design and the rest of the production run is fine. 

Consumers who had one of the early run AT-TE toys can contact Hasbro for a set of replacement legs free of charge. They can contact Hasbro at or by calling, toll-free, 800/327-8264.

UPDATE: I was sent only the two, large middle legs as a replacement, which did not fix the problems with the other four legs.

After another e-mail to Hasbro, I received a response from Audrey DeSimone, Director, Corporate Communications.

“We have recently heard about this as well and are working with our Quality Assurance team on a solution, which we will offer to consumers. Of course, we will offer a refund to any consumer who is not satisfied or they can wait for the repair. Consumers can contact us and at or by calling toll-free, 800-327-8264.”

She further says, “Please know that this is not a common occurrence with our products. Hasbro has an excellent quality and safety record and we hope that you, and our millions of consumers around the world, will continue to enjoy our products for years to come.”