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Deborah Simmons

Deborah Simmons

Award-winning opinion writer Deborah Simmons is a senior correspondent who reports on City Hall and writes about education, culture, sports and family-related topics. Mrs. Simmons has worked at several newspapers, and since joining The Washington Times in 1985, has served as editorial-page editor and features editor and on the metro desk. She has taught copy editing at the University of Maryland at College Park.

An occasional panelist on Roland Martin's “Washington Watch” and Denise Rolark Barnes' “Let's Talk” weekly news analysis cable-TV programs, Mrs. Simmons has also appeared on BET's “Lead Story,” “Real Time with Bill Maher” and Mr. Maher's “Politically Incorrect,” “America's Black Forum,” Fox News' “The O'Reilly Factor,” “The Right Side with Armstrong Williams,” C-SPAN's “Washington Journal,” and “This is America with Dennis Wholey.” She also has been a guest radio commentator on NPR, WAMU, WMAL and WOL.

Mrs. Simmons attended the University of the District of Columbia and Trinity College. She and her husband, who live in Washington, have four children and two grandchildren. Contact Mrs. Simmons at [email protected].


Articles by Deborah Simmons

SIMMONS: Jack Kent Cooke's legacy continues to produce winners

The lives of young scholars have intersected with a lasting legacy of Jack Kent Cooke, the late Redskins owner whose foundation rewards high-achievers who are not only academically worthy and in need of financial help, but also promising self-driven entrepreneurs, artists and career-focused individuals. Published December 1, 2013

SIMMONS: Effects of raising D.C.'s minimum wage are murky

Vincent C. Gray may not have said whether he will or will not run for a second term as mayor, but he certainly dipped his toes into the murky Democratic pool on Friday by proposing to raise the minimum wage. Published November 24, 2013

SIMMONS: What would Kennedy the aging statesman do?

Had the sturdy New England stock that coursed through the Irish bloodlines of John Fitzgerald Kennedy not been drained by an assassin's bullet, imagine what he would be thinking about world affairs. Published November 20, 2013

SIMMONS: Sex education reform — do it for Ryan White

With children being infected with the HIV virus because of ignorance and promiscuity, it's high time we re-educate ourselves and sit down with our young children and young adults to have "the talk" — about the birds, bees and abstinence. Published November 17, 2013

Charles Austin, Board Member of Regional Addiction Prevention (RAP). (Image: YouTube)

RAP building more beds for those living with HIV

Before the ground fully thaws from whatever wintry weather Mother Nature may be in the mood for, RAP Inc. will continue moving heaven and earth to help people diagnosed with HIV. Published November 15, 2013

SIMMONS: Paging Mayor Gray in search of a decision

Several of the people who have announced their candidacy for mayor of the District are more worthy of vooters' attention that others. But first, I'd like to shout out to our current mayor, Vincent C. Gray, who is being a bit coy about his decision to run for a second term. Published November 13, 2013

SIMMONS: Soldiers' portraits finally find their way home

It's simply too easy to forget the women of the Greatest Generation who helped the men as we pay homage this Veterans Day. One group of such women was with the American Red Cross, and one such woman was named Elizabeth Black. Published November 10, 2013

Teddy Bridgewater went on to lead Louisville to one of the biggest upset in BCS bowl history after taking a brutal hit in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 2. The NCAA scarcely mentions concussions in its manual. (Associated Press)

SIMMONS: Concussion report stands as cautionary tale for parents

Two, sometimes three evenings a week, just down the block from my home, the sounds of intermittently blown whistles pierce the air, followed by either cheering or booing for the littlest of the little ones playing football. Published October 30, 2013

SIMMONS: IRS earns scorn from tax credit debacle

Who is minding the IRS? That is the first and most logical question to ask after a front-page story in The Washington Times on Wednesday revealed that the Internal Revenue Service wasted more than $13 billion on bogus claims for the Earned Income Tax Credit over the past decade. Published October 23, 2013

SIMMONS: Bias, prejudice and discrimination come in many forms

Sometimes, human conditions get the best of us. Take the LGBT movement's precondition propositions, the railings against Condoleezza Rice joining a traditional all-boys club or school budget policies that are tilted against level playing fields for children. Published October 9, 2013