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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

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Articles by Jennifer Harper

Sunday talk shows remain vital

In the age of nonstop news with multiplatform delivery, the Sunday political talk shows genre is no dinosaur. The combined audience of the Big Four is solid and consistent, and the shows continue to drive the national discourse. Published June 28, 2009

World laments Michael Jackson, awaits answers

The world still buzzed 24 hours after the sudden death of Michael Jackson, clinging to his music, puzzling over his lifestyle and mourning the loss of a very distinctive cultural icon. Many also wondered what killed him. Published June 27, 2009

ABC employees donated heavily to Obama

As indignation turned to outrage Thursday among critics of an ABC News prime-time special on President Obama's health care policy, The Washington Times has learned that ABC employees gave 80 times as much money to Mr. Obama's 2008 campaign for president than to his rival's. Published June 19, 2009

Don't worry, be happy, health study says

Say hello, get socializing and be happy. Medical researchers have established a direct link between a buoyant, outgoing personality and better health. Published June 18, 2009

Voight meets harsh political criticism

Jon Voight is at the cusp of a cultural moment. Fellow actors and celebrities are not heaping criticism on the silver-screen conservative following his feisty criticisms of President Obama, made in a speech before Republicans and in The Washington Times last week. Published June 17, 2009

GOP fears slant in ABC news special

Relations between ABC News and President Obama are being criticized as becoming too intimate, as the network announced it would produce a prime-time broadcast from the White House that includes questions solicited from viewers without equal time for the Republican point of view. Published June 17, 2009

Study links pigs to flu pandemic

Mexican drug lords, anti-immigration activists, crafty Republicans and greedy drug companies have all been cited by the public as causes for the pandemic. But according to scientists, the source begins with pigs as innocent as these. Published June 16, 2009

Inside Politics Weekend: Hardball's toll

The heavy partisan stroke and rigorous demands of MSNBC's "Hardball" and other cable opinion programs exact a price from those journalists who appear on them. It ain't easy. Published June 14, 2009

CDC plans massive swine flu immunization

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday released numbers showing the extent of the swine flu outbreak in the United States, one day after the World Health Organization officially declared the illness - also called H1N1 - to be a worldwide pandemic. Americans should anticipate a massive immunization campaign in late September. Published June 13, 2009

Long-awaited shift to digital TV arrives

The big DTV moment is here - like New Year's Eve, labor pains or the millennium. After months of hand-holding public service announcements, intense how-to workshops, television specials and confusion over discount coupons, Americans will finally get their DTV. Published June 12, 2009

Times wins 10 SPJ awards, 6 first-place

The Washington Times won 10 awards Wednesday for reporting, photojournalism and criticism in the Society of Professional Journalists' local 2008 Dateline Awards contest. Published June 11, 2009