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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

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Articles by Jennifer Harper

Inside Politics

Negative press is beginning to surface. There's caterwaul from assorted pundits and whining from some supporters. Still, the nation has high hopes for President-elect Barack Obama. Published November 28, 2008

Inside Politics

Could this offer a subtle clue about President Bush's inclinations once he leaves office? Mr. Bush introduced an intriguing new term in his Thanksgiving proclamation this year. Published November 27, 2008

Inside Politics

We know that the Bush administration and the Obama transition team are playing nice together. But wait a minute. He's not president. Yet. Published November 26, 2008

Inside Politics

"Hillary Clinton can be a great secretary of state if she puts presidential ambition aside," writes Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News. Published November 25, 2008

Inside Politics Weekend

"She is the best politician in our family." — Former President Bill Clinton, speaking of his daughter Chelsea, to Bunte magazine. Published November 23, 2008

Inside Politics

Civility may be the prudent choice for conservatives at the moment. Published November 20, 2008

Inside Politics

Pollster John Zogby is garnering criticism from some bloggers for conducting a survey of 512 "Obama voters" on behalf of, the Web site of talk radio-host-turned-filmmaker John Seigler, who is promoting a film of the same name. Published November 19, 2008

Inside Politics

The fuss over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's possible appointment as secretary of state in the Obama administration has gone on for five days - now resembling a dramatic tableau complete with special lighting, sound effects and music. Published November 18, 2008

Inside Politics

Three out of four Republicans — 75 percent — are worried that President-elect Barack Obama "will change things too much as president," according to a Rasmussen Reports survey released Sunday. Published November 17, 2008

Bush's 'tough decisions' to shape legacy

Whether his critics like it or not, President Bush will have his permanent place in history, and the dynamic is already in motion. Published November 16, 2008

Pranksters get the last laugh

Two major news organizations have been either mocked or fooled by fake news and faux publicity created by pranksters exhibiting a deft touch and a definite agenda. Published November 14, 2008

57 years after death, hero to rest in Arlington

On a summer day 57 years ago, a young soldier from the Bronx saved his platoon on Hill 543, near the village of Chipo-ri, Korea, just northeast of Seoul. Published November 12, 2008

Obama backer in 'right' lineup

Conservative listeners have a new choice on the radio dial with the arrival of WHFS-AM, a CBS Radio property that will showcase Michael Smerconish, a host who could be the wave of the future - or at least offer a hybrid take on a Democratic White House. Published November 11, 2008

Wash Post concedes bias for Obama

The mainstream press have been accused of being biased in favor of President-elect Barack Obama for months - a phenomenon now acknowledged by one of the nation's media heavyweights. Published November 10, 2008

Inside Politics Weekend: By the numbers

"What will happen under President Obama?" asks Paddy Power, the largest bookmaker in Ireland. Here are its odds on a number of scenarios. Published November 9, 2008

Calm after a stormy campaign

Civility has surfaced in America as one administration ends and another begins. Published November 6, 2008