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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

To read Jennifer Harper's Inside the Beltway columns, click here. Contact her at [email protected].

Articles by Jennifer Harper

'Survivors' voting their grief

"Angry Survivors" could be a new demographic for political strategists to consider, harboring a subtle dynamic that could influence the presidential election. Published August 3, 2008

Economy leads Americans' list of woes

American angst is now centered on the economy, our worries fixated on gas prices, personal finances, unemployment, inflation, stagnant real estate - dotted with a few resilient pockets of optimism, according to research released Friday. Published August 2, 2008

American figures fatten

The future population of America could be very, very hefty, according to an analysis released Monday by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Published July 29, 2008

Directors in a league of their own

Maybe it's in the eyes - a certain gaze that is both shrewd and resolute, the look of a lawman who most likely has seen it all. And then some. Published July 25, 2008

Times reporter cites 1st Amendment rights

National security reporter Bill Gertz told a federal court on Tuesday that protecting the confidentiality of his sources was "absolutely essential" to his ability to do his job and divulging the people he talked to concerning a Chinese espionage case would infringe on his First Amendment rights. Published July 23, 2008

Papers on reporter's subpoena released

A federal judge in California on Monday unsealed a document revealing internal deliberations in the Justice Department over issuing a subpoena to Bill Gertz, national security reporter for The Washington Times, for him to divulge confidential sources in a story he wrote about a Chinese spy ring more than two years ago. Published July 22, 2008

Newspaper editors hopeful amid woes

The news about newspapers is alarming but not hopeless - and there are actually a few good tidings, according to a report released Monday by the Project for Excellence in Journalism. Published July 21, 2008

Times reporter to testify in federal court

Bill Gertz, national security reporter for The Washington Times, will appear in federal court Tuesday in California to answer questions about the need to protect confidential sources in news stories. Published July 20, 2008

Hopefuls will need the right moves

Forget about heartfelt speeches and clever banter. White House hopefuls, let's see a little dais action. Published July 18, 2008

Inside Politics Weekend

Stop the presses. Take a deep breath. Someone is actually defending President Bush. Published July 13, 2008

American pride highest in the world

Soaring gasoline prices, tumbling stocks, the war, the nukes, the bickering between political parties as trouble looms. Yet the nation's patriotism remains very much intact. Alive and well, in fact. Published July 4, 2008

Yankee Doodle President

Let the star-spangled games begin. The countdown has begun for July Fourth, historically one of the busiest days of the year for White House hopefuls, each vying to appear presidential in the classic sense - a true man of the people - strong, steady and hand over heart. Published July 1, 2008