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Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

A graduate of Syracuse University, Jennifer Harper writes the daily Inside the Beltway column and provides additional coverage of breaking national news, plus long-term trends in politics, media issues, public opinion, popular culture, Hollywood foibles and “eureka” moments in health and science.

She has been a frequent broadcast commentator on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, C-SPAN, Voice of America, Citadel Broadcasting, Talk Radio Network and other news organizations. Born in Elizabeth, N.J., Ms. Harper grew up in Texas and arrived in Washington in time for Watergate -- and has been tracking the political and media landscape ever since.

She is an active member of the American Federation of TV Radio Artists and Screen Actors Guild. She has won 14 journalism awards during her years at The Washington Times.

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Articles by Jennifer Harper

Inside Politics Weekend

On this day in 1944, President signed the G.I. Bill to provide World War II veterans with money for education, unemployment compensation plus home and business loans. Three years later, vets made up half of the nation's college enrollment, according to the History Channel. Published June 22, 2008

Blogger, AP meet about use rift

The two sides in the Associated Press-blogosphere spat are talking now, but a war may loom anyway. America's biggest wire service wanted bloggers to pay for its content, as news organizations do, and threatened a lawsuit against Rogers Cadenhead, a Florida-based journalist who oversees the online Drudge Retort, a liberal answer to the much-viewed Drudge Report. Published June 21, 2008

AP, bloggers clash over wire content use

The ongoing war between the traditional "old" media and Internet-driven "new" media has gotten noisier, with peace and common ground still elusive. Published June 20, 2008

Anti-Obama pin jabs Texas GOP

Talk about a hot-button issue. Texas Republicans are wincing over a cultural gaffe that has put their party on notice. Published June 19, 2008

Sikh sues Disney over right to wear turban

A Sikh musician has filed a $1 million class action discrimination suit against Walt Disney World, claiming the Florida theme park denied him employment because his religion requires him to wear a beard and a dastaar - a turban - which ultimately compromised company dress code. Published June 18, 2008

California weds first same-sex couple

In the wake of the Martin-Lyon nuptials, close to 170,000 gay couples from California and beyond will wed in the Golden State in the next three years, according to estimates from the University of California at Los Angeles. Published June 17, 2008

Inside Politics Weekend

Outbursts and all, Senator James Webb of Virginia is rumored to be on the short list as Sen. Barack Obama's potential running mate. Published June 15, 2008

To Falwell’s rescue

Macel Falwell, who was married to the controversial minister Jerry Falwell for 49 years, is intent on setting the record right. Published June 12, 2008

Wrath of McClellan

It's been 12 days since former White House press secretary Scott McClellan dropped his memoir/tell-all/improvised explosive device upon the Washington power establishment. Published June 8, 2008

‘Gender bias’ did in Clinton?

Hillary Rodham Clinton lost the Democratic nomination for president because of "gender bias" in the news media, according to a Johns Hopkins University analysis. Published June 6, 2008

Gas pinch crimps renowned American road trip

Thanks to rising gas prices, the proverbial all-American road trip has shrunk from a long stretch of highway to a neat snip of asphalt, with little left to chance. Published June 3, 2008

District set to be ‘Thunder’-struck

"Rolling Thunder" is a most fitting motto. Thousands of bikers are rolling along the Washington area's roadways today with plenty of gumption and an unabashed carbon footprint. Exhaust pipes are vibrating, pistons are pumping, and it is, well, thunderous. Published May 25, 2008

Bikers to swarm capital to honor vets

Thousands of bikers are rolling along the Washington area's roadways Sunday with plenty of gumption and an unabashed carbon footprint. Exhaust pipes are vibrating, pistons are pumping, and it is, well, thunderous. 4:09 p.m. Photos: Rolling Thunder bikers up close Published May 24, 2008

Inside Politics

Well, sort of. The news that had again been subpoenaed to appear before lawmakers regarding the matter of nine fired U.S. attorneys has rankled a few of his fans. Published May 23, 2008

In one corner: Bush; in the other: media

Spats between President Bush and a voracious press have been a fixture of his presidency, and the media landscape is pockmarked with the salvos of their contention. Published May 23, 2008

Get stake in Dracula digs in Romania

For sale: Big home with mountain view, ideal for large family, pets. Fixer-upper, potential in-law suite or home office. Formal dining, fireplace. Nice. Plumbing as is; may need exterminator. $77 million, OBO. (Please contact Igor in little cottage down by the lake before sundown.) Published March 24, 2007