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Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner is a religion columnist for The Washington Times. He can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Mark A. Kellner

KELLNER: Disney's Midas touch

If Walt Disney's name is the gold standard in family entertainment, a lot of gold is on the line Oct. 7 when the iconic company bets that enhanced Blu-Ray DVDs will capture the attention - and dollars - of home entertainment buyers. Published June 25, 2008

KELLNER: Ringing up big sales

Apple's iPhone, birthed last summer, is a force to be reckoned with. Combining a mobile phone with a Published June 18, 2008

KELLNER: Two new, free-use, browsers

Perhaps the greatest surprise in the announcement Thursday of version 9.5 of the Opera Web browser and the Tuesday launch of Firefox 3 is that neither is a snoozer. Published June 16, 2008

KELLNER: Sharing text gets easier

John Donne famously observed around 1624 that "No man is an island, entire of itself." And that was nearly 400 years before anyone began to think of collaborative computing. Published June 9, 2008

Yes, you can take it with you

Jonesing for a "Tyra Banks" fix over your lunch break? Feeling compelled to catch an inning of the Nats game between afternoon spreadsheets? Can't live without watching Derek McGinty on that business trip? Published June 4, 2008

HP's laser printer a deal

The concept of inexpensive color laser printing isn't totally new - prices have been declining for a few years now, making laser printers accessible to more and different kinds of users. What Hewlett-Packard has done with the HP Color LaserJet CM1312nfi MFP, however, is make an inexpensive color laser that can do a whole lot more. Published June 2, 2008

KELLNER: A dread come true?

He has been called a "modern-day Nostradamus" for his novels, which seem to be ripped from the headlines -- next year's headlines. Published July 26, 2005

'Dot-com' dating

If you're single and lonely, consider the plight of Angelo DiMeglio. A contractor who built his own house on Martha's Vineyard, Mass., he has had hundreds of people view an Internet dating ad he posted, but in more than a year of searching, there has not been even one nibble. Published January 6, 2004