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Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner is the Faith & Family reporter for The Washington Times. He can be reached at

Articles by Mark A. Kellner

YOUR TECH: All-purpose PC offered

TriGem, a Korean firm trading as Averatec in this country, has done something rather audacious: It has put together an all-in-one PC that rivals the Apple iMac in appearance but is about two-thirds the cost of the least-expensive iMac. Averatec's D1002UHCE-1 desktop computer is on sale now at the firm's online store - and, apparently, only there - for $849, a good $350 less than the 20-inch iMac unveiled last week. Published March 11, 2009

KELLNER: A tuck-it-away TV tuner

Just after I'd written about the many ways you can find broadcast television that does not involve the use of "rabbit ears" or cable TV connections, the folks at Elgato Systems came along to show me some useful purposes for having the aforementioned antenna — and it'll set you back far less than you might think. Published March 9, 2009

YOUR TECH: Re-Kindling e-book passion

For $359, the retail price of's Kindle 2, released last week, you can buy, I guess, 15 hardcover books. In Kindle 2, however, you can carry 1,500. The latter is much easier to carry poolside here. That is, if I were poolside. Published March 4, 2009

GPS soars high with FAA

After decades of dependence on radar, a new system based on global positioning technology that uses satellites to determine an object's place, time and velocity is making inroads. Published March 2, 2009

KELLNER: Mac Beta Safari 4 showing promise

Internet Web browsers, we have seen lately, generate a lot of heat. Oslo-based Opera software is seeking the help of the European Commission in forcing Microsoft Corp. to distribute their Windows operating system with more browsers than Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Published March 2, 2009

KELLNER: New TiVo XL offers more to watch

It's been a good seven years, or thereabouts, since I've had a TiVo digital video recorder in the house. My first was attached to a DirecTV satellite dish and, in the early days of the 21st century, was quite cool - tons o' channels and a great picture. Published February 25, 2009

KELLNER: Samsung’s P560 a portable pleaser

Sometimes you forget things; I know I do. When I sat down with Samsung's P560 portable computer, I'd forgotten how big a 15.4-inch (diagonally measured) display screen could be. Published February 23, 2009

KELLNER: 1 box backs up many computers

It's just what you need in your living room: 1 terabyte of storage - that's 1,000 gigabytes or 1 billion bytes - attached to your home network, backing up your family's computers. All for just $229. Published February 18, 2009

KELLNER: Cloud computing a Microsoft threat?

At first blush, the new Euro-scrum over Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer Web browser and its integration into Microsoft Windows seems like a '90s hit come back to life, a reprise of a conflict over "bundling" music-playing software with the operating system. Published February 16, 2009

KELLNER: Photo tasks alone compel update

If there's a chemical solution for the condition of being jaded, I have the feeling it will be found in Cupertino, Calif., or pretty darned close to there. Published February 11, 2009

KELLNER: TV available without signals

The House of Representatives last week passed a bill extending the deadline for TV stations to switch broadcasts to all-digital service. Published February 9, 2009

KELLNER: Dock Pack pumps out music

There was Anna Netrebko, soprano extraordinaire, singing in my basement the other night, thanks to my iPhone and a $299 amplifier/speaker combo that is as close as we humans will get to a "Star Trek" transporter. It really sounded as if she were right here. Published February 4, 2009

KELLNER: Microsoft’s smooth Windows to future

The anticipated arrival - summer, perhaps? - of the Windows 7 operating system should generate a sigh of relief from millions of computer users - right after we figure out how much it's going to cost. Published February 2, 2009

U.S. mail: Five days a week?

Postmaster General John Potter asked Congress on Wednesday to drop a requirement to deliver mail six days a week. Published January 29, 2009

KELLNER: Rugged notebook a promising model

The Durabook Pro 15T will set you back $1,339, and if you need a relatively light notebook that has some rugged features, it might be a good investment. Published January 26, 2009

KELLNER: Techies get a Lego up

Erin Hoover, a Northern Virginia Community College student, was making a sculpture from tiny Lego blocks. But she also was trying to make a point Published January 19, 2009

KELLNER: Tech stuff Obama should fret about

If all goes according to plan and schedule, Barack Obama will be inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States at noon Tuesday. History will certainly be made with the swearing in of one of the youngest chief executives in U.S. history and the first black to hold the position. I've read about the meal he'll have after the ceremony, and the menu sounds great. Published January 18, 2009