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Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner is the Faith & Family reporter for The Washington Times. He can be reached at

Articles by Mark A. Kellner

Black Friday tech bargains

Today's "nattering nabobs of negativism," to borrow Bill Safire's brilliant alliteration, are all over us, saying we shouldn't buy anything this year but instead hoard our pennies and burrow in for the long winter ahead. Don't you know there's a recession? Published November 26, 2008

KELLNER: High efficiency with MacBook

Is it morally wrong to spend $1,299 on a new MacBook from Apple Inc. when you can buy a decent notebook computer for half that price or even a recent white-plastic-encased MacBook for $999? The way some initial reviewers have been talking -- including two District-based scribes -- it's almost classist in some way to spend the extra bucks. Published November 19, 2008

KELLNER: Don’t get hooked by ‘phishing’ schemes

It looked innocent enough. Heck, it even arrived on my iPhone. "It" was an e-mail purporting to be from Apple Inc.'s MobileMe service, the online e-mail, file-storage, photo-sharing, Web-hosting wonder formerly known as .Mac. And, I'll admit, I've come to place more than a little trust in Apple. Published November 10, 2008

KELLNER: G1 mobilizes competition for iPhone in cell tech

If you're wondering whether you should buy the new T-Mobile G1, the hand-held phone/e-mail device running the "Android" operating system, or pay $20 more for a basic Apple iPhone, here's a definitive answer: Published November 3, 2008

KELLNER: Dell Vostro a notebook for efficient work, travel

For about $1,000 - before the $50 discount offered online - Dell Inc. will send you a Vostro 1310 notebook. It runs Microsoft Windows Vista, has a 160-gigabyte hard drive that's supposed to resist damage in a fall, a DVD-burning optical drive and 2 gigabytes of memory, though it's now shipping with 3 GB. Published October 27, 2008

KELLNER: Bible, study references available to Mac users

If you're a Mac user with a hankering for good Bible study software, Accordance 8 from OakTree Software might well be your cup of tea. Starting at $59 for a basic starter configuration and going up to $299 for a version with many more reference works, you can find a lot of good study resources to help unlock the Bible's meaning and message. Published October 20, 2008

KELLNER: Musings on mobile availability in Manila

Mabuhay, or welcome, is the word one hears all over this bustling city, where gasoline sells for around $2.25 per gallon, and the SM Department Store is offering 10 percent off on a "Barong Filipino," the national dress shirt and one much more amenable to the high humidity here than even a linen suit. Published October 13, 2008

KELLNER: Computer-free digital radio

With apologies to Pete Townshend and the Who - not to mention Laura Branigan and Tenacious D - the squeezebox issue first raised in 1976 has seen a polarity reversal. Published October 1, 2008

Database expands reach of Interpol

A distance of 2,900 miles — and two time zones — separate Vaduz, Liechtenstein, and Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Published October 1, 2008

KELLNER: Scan in business cards, build a database

It may be a sign of mania, but I've been on a couple of "jags" lately. One is country music (that Ashton Shepherd sure has a nice voice, and what about Darius Rucker?), and the other is getting my stuff together. Truth be told, I'm doing better with country than with organizing. Published September 29, 2008

KELLNER: Mac users can keep receipts Neat, mostly

There may be a few dour souls who actually enjoy gathering up the receipts from their trips, pasting or taping them to paper, and assembling the package for the legions in accounting. I'm not one of them. Published September 22, 2008

KELLNER: Elements 7 worth the money

It'll cost you $100, at retail, to buy Photoshop Elements 7 for Windows, the latest consumer-oriented photo manager/editor/organizer from Adobe. Dare I suggest that it'll cost you far more - in time, aggravation and who knows what else - if you don't. Published September 10, 2008

KELLNER: Chrome browser is fast, free

Brother, this thing is fast. Faster than anything I can remember seeing. And, it's free, although right now for Windows only. Published September 8, 2008

KELLNER: Are you ready to ooVoo?

It was in 1964, the year he was born, Philippe Schwartz told me the other day. AT&T, which once was a big deal in regular telephony, had demonstrated a Picturephone at the New York World's Fair. Published September 3, 2008

ON COMPUTERS: PlanPlus Online organizes enthusiasm

PlanPlus Online (, which is the digital embodiment of the Franklin Planner made famous a number of years back, now supports mobile devices, and quite nicely. Published September 1, 2008