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Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner is a religion columnist for The Washington Times. He can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Mark A. Kellner

Muslims pray at the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Mich. The U.S. Muslim community increased 160 percent from approximately 1 million members in 2000 to 2.6 million in 2010. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

Muslim, Mormon growth spurts found

Mormonism and Islam are among the fastest growing religions in America, while just over half of all Americans are unaffiliated with any denomination, according to a major census of the country's religious congregations published Wednesday. Published May 2, 2012

**FILE** Onetime Watergate felon-turned-prison evangelist Charles Colson bears testimony Aug. 2, 2000, at a conference for 10,000 evangelical Protestants at Amsterdam's RAI congress center. (Associated Press)

Chuck Colson, Nixon's 'hatchet man,' dies at 80

Chuck Colson, 80, the onetime "hatchet man" to President Nixon who devoted his post-political career to Christian causes and an international ministry to prisoners, died Saturday at Inova Fairfax Hospital. Complications from bleeding on the brain are believed to have contributed to his final illness. Published April 21, 2012

KELLNER: Nokia's ignoble effort at an iPhone killer

Nine years ago, on a trip to Tampere, Finland, I rode past the nearby city of Nokia, my host telling me that the then- and still-famous maker of cellphones started life there as several companies, one of which made products out of rubber, including fishing boots. Published April 11, 2012

KELLNER: Two extra days for tax prep, but time to get serious

Procrastinators across the land get a break this year: Tax filing day is April 17. It's normally the 15th, but that falls on a Sunday this year. The next day is Emancipation Day in the District of Columbia and Patriots' Day in Massachusetts. So, we all get 48 more hours to sweat over our returns. Published April 4, 2012

KELLNER: Don't forget accessories after the fact

It's a funny thing about tech devices: Whether it's a smartphone, a tablet, or even a desktop or notebook computer, leaving any of these truly "naked" isn't a wise strategy. Published March 28, 2012

KELLNER: 'New' iPad a stunning, paradoxical improvement

The reported first-weekend sales of 1 million units of the "new" Apple iPad leave little doubt that this product, the third in the series, is going to be successful. (AT&T Wireless, in a nebulous one-sentence announcement, said it sold the most iPads it ever did for an opening day, but a spokesman refused to flesh out that claim.) Published March 21, 2012

Michael E. Capuano (Associated Press)

Historic black church faces foreclosure from minority-owned bank

In a dispute that some are calling a modern-day updating of the biblical Parable of the Ungrateful Servant, a minority-owned bank that benefited from federal bailout funds is threatening to foreclose on one of the nation’s oldest black churches. Published March 18, 2012

KELLNER: Microsoft's big challenge ahead

A two-day forced vacation from the MacBook Pro I normally use during work hours, necessitated by a logic board replacement, forced me to turn instead to a Hewlett-Packard notebook computer running Microsoft Windows. Published March 14, 2012

KELLNER: Nook Tablet shows promise in crowded market

Apple's announcement Wednesday of a new iPad only continues questions about that device's place in the market. By the end of 2012, Apple is expected to rack up cumulative iPad sales of more than 100 million units. An observer might conclude that the iPad is about all there is in tablet-land. Published March 7, 2012

KELLNER: Samsung Galaxy Note lives up to its name as notable 'phablet'

Spend $299 and commit to a two-year AT&T wireless contract and you can get a Samsung Galaxy Note, a 6.28 ounce smartphone with a tablet screen larger than an iPhone and sharper than, well, possibly your high-definition TV at home. But before you short your Apple shares, keep reading. Published February 22, 2012

KELLNER: Printer from HP for a professional home office

Hewlett Packard continues to refine and even perfect the small-office/home office/cubicle printer, especially when it comes to the inkjet side of things. Unlike color laser printers, which are nice but have a fairly high cost for consumables, inkjets are often half as expensive in per-page printing costs, with little discernable difference in output quality. Published February 8, 2012

KELLNER: Improving the TV-to-computer connection

If you have more house than cable TV outlets, or if you simply must watch "Judge Judy" or a Washington Nationals game out on the deck using a tablet computer, a small $179 device could make your life a whole lot easier. Published February 1, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: 'Tyndale'

If you're not familiar with the work of William Tyndale, you should be. Even today, English speakers owe a debt to the man martyred at age 42 for the "heretical" act of translating the Bible into English. Published January 20, 2012

Mark Kellner

KELLNER: 'Too good to be true' online offer likely is

If your email address becomes somewhat widely known, you'll probably receive junk emails, also known as "spam." Most of these are easy to dismiss, and many are caught in spam filters provided by our employers or email service providers. Published January 18, 2012