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Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner

Mark A. Kellner is a religion columnist for The Washington Times. He can be reached at [email protected].

Articles by Mark A. Kellner

KELLNER: Senior users: A highly neglected but possibly fruitful market

Here's a potentially hot market for computer and software makers, if they can best figure out how to serve it: The 40.2 million Americans older than 65, representing 13 percent of the population, according to a May 2011 brief from the U.S. Census Bureau. Published January 4, 2012

KELLNER: The tech year we're leaving behind

Almost nothing that happened in 2011 in the tech world came as expected, perhaps more so than any other year your columnist can recall. As with so many people in so many spheres, I believe the tech community will not beg for a repeat of the year now ending. Published December 28, 2011

KELLNER: Some last-minute gifts, even for yourself

Christmas comes but once a year, the saying goes, and this year it's on the sixth day of Hanukkah. This means there are plenty of gift shoppers out there, and as the clock ticks down, panic may set in. Published December 21, 2011

The Icon iDO digital output interface and headphone amplifier from NuForce, $249 improves even the best sound. (Image provided by

Gadgets & Gizmos Gift Guide

It's a given that the holidays mean different things to different people: family gatherings, memories of days gone by, hopes for the future and perhaps all of these. One element held in common — at least for many of us — is the desire to enjoy music and video entertainment at home and while traveling. Published December 15, 2011

KELLNER: Enhancing your online image

About two years ago, James Alexander, a tech industry executive who had spent seven years at Adobe Systems, couldn't find himself. Published December 14, 2011

KELLNER: Zenbook and the art of notebook computer shopping

For just $999, you can get a thinner-than-thin, lighter-than-most (only 2.42 pounds), notebook computer from ASUS that runs Microsoft Windows 7, connects to Wi-Fi and features almost all the comforts of your home or office desktop. Should you buy it? Published December 7, 2011

Mark Kellner

KELLNER: A tale of 2 smartphones: Android and Windows

So, you want to give (or get) a smartphone for the holidays, but you're just not into Apple's iPhone. What to do? Samsung and Microsoft each want you to consider models running either the Google Android or Windows Phone 7.5 operating system. Published November 30, 2011

KELLNER: Thankful for a 'mere' e-reader? Yes

If's Kindle Fire falls a bit short of ideal for a tablet computer, as I suggested here last week, another new Amazon product, the Kindle Touch, does quite well at its main purpose: serving as a quality e-book reader. The price is low if you're willing to tolerate some ads; it's reasonable if you want to be ad-free. Unlike the Kindle Fire, it has built-in 3G wireless for free downloading and synchronizing of e-books and, I imagine, digital magazines sold via Amazon. Published November 23, 2011

A Microsoft Store opening Thursday at Tysons Corner Center is the first in the Washington area and just the second east of the Mississippi. It will stock other brands besides Microsoft for an "interactive" experience that a company official says will "lift all boats." (Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times)

Microsoft opens first area store

Repeating the words "immersive," "experiential" and "interactive" so often it almost became a mantra, Mika Yamamoto showed off Microsoft Corp.'s brand-new 7,701-square-foot installation, opening Thursday at Tysons Corner Center. Published November 16, 2011

KELLNER: Wishing doesn't make it so, even for a nice tablet computer

At first encounter, the HTC JetStream tablet computer can be as captivating as a young Audrey Hepburn first contemplating the display windows of Tiffany & Co. in New York City. Its 32 GB of memory, stunning 10-inch color screen and touch interface all impress. Published November 9, 2011

KELLNER: An iPhone 4S for all seasons

This is the kind of news that could give a GPS maker or a seller of small digital cameras "agita," an Italian word for heartburn. Published November 2, 2011

KELLNER: T-Mobile's pitch: Take our smartphones, please

While federal regulators and courts weigh the pluses and minuses of a proposed merger with AT&T, the onetime "landline" wired long-distance titan, the folks at T-Mobile have a message for you: Take our smartphones, please. Published October 26, 2011

KELLNER: The computer is dead; long live the tablet

Roughly 30 years after the first IBM Personal Computer began arriving, en masse, in homes and offices around the planet, perhaps it's time for many of us to say goodbye. Published October 12, 2011

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils the iPhone 4S at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. (Associated Press)

KELLNER: Apple's iPhone 4S — buy or wait?

Tuesday's Apple Inc. news conference, which launched a rather improved iPhone 4 model, the iPhone 4S, apparently was a letdown to a number of consumers and industry pundits. Published October 5, 2011

KELLNER: An iPad-keyboard combo for my travels

Coming to the end of two weeks overseas, I'm writing on a small portable with a screen whose diagonal measure is slightly less than 10 inches. Typing is largely a breeze, thanks to the fold-down keyboard. And battery life is superb, I'm estimating the better part of 10 hours. Published September 28, 2011

Mark Kellner

KELLNER: Tiny camera soars in ancient, high-tech world

If history can repeat itself in ancient and storied Jerusalem, maybe tech experiences can be repeated, too. Seven years ago, your columnist was here and was grateful to carry a relatively small digital camera that took pictures whose quality was quite good. Published September 21, 2011

KELLNER: $300 laser printer raises question of necessity

Right now, $299.99 will get you Hewlett Packard Co.'s LaserJet Pro 100 MFP 175nw printer, a networkable color laser printer that is smaller than many previous incarnations, and at 35.5 pounds a lighter unit than many others. You can find this bargain at Staples or at Best Buy. Order directly from HP and expect to pay $50 more. Published September 14, 2011