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S.A. Miller

S.A. Miller

S.A. Miller is a senior national correspondent for The Washington Times. He can be contacted at [email protected].

Articles by S.A. Miller

Obama loses against banks in Congress

Senate Democrats handed President Obama a rare congressional setback Thursday by helping to scrap his plan to give bankruptcy judges the power to force banks to reduce mortgages payments for struggling homeowners. Published May 1, 2009

Donors demand refund from Specter

Sen. Arlen Specter's switch to the Democratic Party is prompting his campaign donors large and small to demand their money back, including several Republican senators whose political action committees gave tens of thousands of dollars to the Pennsylvania lawmaker. Published April 30, 2009

Amtrak delays continue as track cleared

UPDATED: Amtrak passengers along the Northeast Corridor are experiencing delays Wednesday as a result of a water-main break south of Baltimore. Published April 29, 2009

Hill battle on war spending looms

President Obama's $83.4 billion war-spending bill is headed for an unexpectedly tough time on Capitol Hill, where Republicans are scrutinizing the funding priorities and rank-and-file Democrats want to include performance benchmarks for the Afghanistan mission. Published April 26, 2009

Budget deal could set up health care plan

Senate and House Democrats were on the brink of a budget deal Friday that could clear the way to pass President Obama's yet-to-be-written health care overhaul plan with a fast-track process circumventing a Republican filibuster. Published April 25, 2009

Boehner: CIA methods no secret on Hill

House Minority Leader John A. Boehner on Thursday chided Democrats for seeking an investigation of the Bush administration's treatment of captured terror suspects, noting a long list of lawmakers from both parties were briefed about the use of harsh interrogation methods years ago. Published April 23, 2009

Pelosi won't rule out impeaching judge

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday would not rule out impeachment hearings against federal Judge Jay Bybee over accusations he misled Congress about his role in shaping Bush administration policy that condoned harsh interrogation techniques that critics say amounted to torture. Published April 22, 2009

Lawmakers fried for bringing home bacon

Capitol Hill lawmakers still brag about the federal dollars and projects they bring home. But in an age of taxpayer-financed bailouts and massive budget deficits, members are increasingly on the defensive about pork-barrel spending. Published April 20, 2009

Democrats pull ahead in money race

The year's first batch of campaign fundraising reports show early betting is on Senate Democrats for the 2010 election season. Published April 17, 2009

Log Cabin splinters as gay conservatives exit

A faction of gay conservative activists will launch a new group Wednesday to rival the Log Cabin Republicans, the longtime home of the party's gay fringe. Published April 15, 2009

Reid, under GOP fire, raises more funds

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid knows Republicans have put a target on his back, but the Nevada Democrat has braced for what figures to be a tough 2010 re-election run. Published April 13, 2009

Recession, rivalries sap union revival

Tumultuous infighting is erupting within the long-suffering U.S. labor movement just when it appeared on the brink of a renaissance, with Democrats at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue advancing its agenda. Published April 10, 2009

Obama wants extra $83 billion for wars

President Obama asked Congress on Thursday for $83.4 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, putting him in the awkward position of requesting the same type of supplemental war spending he opposed as a senator when it was requested by President George W. Bush. Published April 10, 2009

Pakistan: We need a Marshall Plan

Pakistani Ambassador Husain Haqqani Tuesday called for a $30 billion dollar Marshall Plan for Pakistan and Afghanistan over the next five years to fight al Qaeda, blunt anti-American sentiment and secure Pakistan from extremists bent on destabilizing its civilian government. Published April 8, 2009

Specter critic preps for primary run

Conservative activist Pat Toomey is expected to step down as president of his anti-tax group Monday to launch his primary challenge against embattled Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Arlen Specter in 2010, according to a campaign operative close to the challenger. Published April 2, 2009

Justice moves to clear Stevens

The Justice Department has moved to set aside the conviction of former Sen. Ted Stevens, leaving fellow Alaskans and Republicans fuming that prosecutors had cost the Senate's longest-serving Republican his chances for re-election. Published April 2, 2009

GOP fumes over lost Alaska seat

The Senate's top Republican said Wednesday there was "no question" former Alaskan Sen. Ted Stevens would have won re-election last year if the Justice Department had thrown his corruption case out before the vote. Published April 2, 2009

Conyers weighing probe of ACORN

Opponents of the liberal activist group ACORN have found an unlikely champion in House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr., who is clashing with his own party to pursue hearings on accusations that the group has committed crimes ranging from voter fraud to a mob-style "protection" racket. Published April 1, 2009

Democrats out to close elusive tax gap

Democrats at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue say they are going after the Holy Grail of deficit reduction: the "tax gap." Published March 31, 2009