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EDITORIAL: Distraction from the debt

Congress comes back on Monday, and all eyes will be on the members and whether they will support the president on Syria. The momentous foreign-policy question diverts attention from the equally pressing concern of what to do about the nation's $16.7 trillion debt. Published September 5, 2013

EDITORIAL: Learning at the point of a gun

Government bureaucrats in a lot of places can't abide allowing parents to educate their children. Public schools offer an irresistible opportunity to mold the young in a government-approved image, exposing young minds to the ideological fads of the moment, whether terrifying them with tales of melting icebergs or uplifting them with stories of Heather and her two heroic mommies. It's a compassion some officials are willing to enforce at gunpoint. Published September 5, 2013

Lou Dobbs of Fox Business Network with Emily Miller. September 5, 2013

VIDEO: Emily Miller on 'Lou Dobbs Tonight' about her new book 'Emily Gets Her Gun'

Lou Dobbs of the Fox Business Network interviewed Emily Miller about her new book "Emily Gets Her Gun ... But Obama Wants to Take Yours," which is about gun control politics since the Newtown tragedy. Ms. Miller is senior editor of opinion for The Washington Times. The video of the September 4 interview on "Lou Dobbs Toight" is below. Published September 5, 2013

EDITORIAL: The income tax Super Bowl

Vegas odds-makers are already taking bets on which teams will be the final contenders for championship rings as football season officially kicks off Thursday night. The best advice on where to place those bets might come from an accountant. Published September 4, 2013

EDITORIAL: The dark side of green

Builders across America are constructing and renovating everything from college football stadiums and Broadway theaters to libraries and elementary schools with an eye toward making environmentalists green with envy. They'll do whatever it takes to persuade the United States Green Building Council to give them an eco-certification award known as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED. Published September 4, 2013

EDITORIAL: Shooting down voter IDs

Addressing the gathering on the Mall last week marking the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, Bill Clinton compared the issues of guns and voting rights. "A great democracy," said the former president, "does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon." Published September 4, 2013

Emily Miller on Fox News, September 4, 2013.

VIDEO: Emily Miller on 'Fox and Friends' about her new book 'Emily Gets Her Gun'

Gretchen Carlson of Fox News interviewed Emily Miller about her new book "Emily Gets Her Gun ... But Obama Wants to Take Yours" about gun control politics since the Newtown tragedy. Ms. Miller is senior editor of opinion for The Washington Times. The video of the September 4 interview on "Fox and Friends" is below. Published September 4, 2013

EDITORIAL: Obama goes to war

President Obama has made what the British call a proper cock-up of his leadership, such as it is, in the campaign to punish Bashar Assad in Syria. Nearly everyone agrees on that much. Five years ago, he said he would unite us, and so he has. Now Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, recognize the mess for what it is, and who made it. Published September 3, 2013

EDITORIAL: Fort Hood massacre's unfinished business

The Fort Hood shooter is where he belongs, on death row, while his victims remain in limbo. In a fit of political correctness, the Obama administration decided to classify the 2009 massacre on the Texas military base as "workplace violence" instead of what it was: the assault of an Islamic militant upon our soldiers here at home. The real-life consequence of the designation is that the victims aren't being properly compensated for their loss. Published September 3, 2013

EDITORIAL: The other prison transfer

Jailbirds Ophelia De'Lonta and Bradley Manning have a lot in common. Taxpayers are paying for their incarceration, and both want those same taxpayers to pick up the tab for sex-change operations. It's a sign of the times. Published September 3, 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Levin a modern-day Nehemiah

In 445 B.C., Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem to repair the badly damaged and dilapidated city walls. He had convinced the Persian King Artaxerxes to allow him to travel to Jerusalem to undertake this monumental task. By recognizing the problem and being willing to do something about it, Nehemiah got the entire project (which was full of danger and numerous obstacles) completed in only 52 days, a truly magnificent achievement for which Nehemiah gave thanks and full credit to God. Published September 3, 2013

EDITORIAL: The Obamanomics decline

Fewer Americans will be returning to the work force after the traditional Labor Day holiday. Labor force participation is at the lowest point since the malaise of the Carter presidency. President Obama's economic policies have guaranteed a lower standard of living for Americans. Published September 2, 2013

EDITORIAL: Unflattered by imitation

Suing customers is not a smart business decision, but like a broken record, the music industry is willing to do it over and over again. A coalition of major record labels is so desperate to stop the growing trend of consumers turning to YouTube to watch amateur music videos that it's turning to the federal courts once again. Published September 2, 2013

EDITORIAL: Olympic stimulus

Every four years athletes from around the globe assemble in a contest of strength, skill and determination. The Olympic ritual, borrowed from the ancient Greeks, is a celebration of victory. It bestows a gold medal on a competitor who crosses the finish line a thousandth of a second before his opponent. There are no participation trophies; a win must be earned. Published September 2, 2013

EDITORIAL: Road map to recovery

My fellow Americans, I'm glad to join all of you on this final weekend of the summer. Family vacations are now ending, kids are going back to school, and communities all over the nation are preparing for Labor Day parades. And, by the way, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the first Labor Day parade. It isn't true that I was in that first parade; I've just read about it. Published September 1, 2013

EDITORIAL: Happy Leisure Day

These days, Labor Day is just a bookmark. It signals the end of summer, the start of school, the advent of the political hustings and the last chance to buy a car before the new model year arrives in showrooms. Labor Day is associated with picnics, sporting events and shopping. It could more accurately be called Leisure Day, and as such is a distinctly American holiday. Published September 1, 2013

EDITORIAL: Hang up the Obamaphones

Congress is finally getting involved in reining in one of the government's most bloated programs, the $9.3 billion Universal Service Fund, which is responsible for saddling telephone bills with an inscrutable array of taxes and fees. People have to pay more to keep in touch with friends and family because the government is raising cash to buy Obamaphones. Published August 30, 2013

EDITORIAL: Obama's venture capital

Hollywood celebrities were thrilled by Tuesday's report that the Obama administration is getting back into the venture capital business. Bloomberg News revealed the Energy Department's plan to pour another $16 billion into the automotive companies most favored by the White House. Published August 30, 2013

EDITORIAL: Spies on your drive

Talk about a liberal conundrum. If liberals succeed in forcing Americans into electric cars and tiny econo-boxes, it will starve state and federal gas tax revenue. In order to bridge the monetary gap, state and federal bureaucrats are considering the most Orwellian solution possible, a "vehicle miles traveled" tax. Published August 30, 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: U.S. has much to lose in cyber-attack

The offensive cyber-capabilities of the United States may well be outstanding, but every country faces challenges in this area ("Obama hits pause on U.S. action in face of crippling cyber-strikes from Syria, Iran," Web, Aug. 28). Offensive cyber-capabilities are essential if nation-states are to succeed in the present and future realities of international security politics. They lend an obvious strategic advantage and provide the United States with leeway in its policies. Published August 29, 2013