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EDITORIAL: Obama's federal jobs

Employment is up, wages are up, and job security is as firm as ever. Unfortunately, this is only true for federal government workers. Published February 23, 2010

EDITORIAL: Sen. Bayh's party hacks

Sen. Evan Bayh claims he's frustrated with politics inside the Beltway, but the Indiana Democrat's announcement that he isn't running for re-election was the ultimate in cynical backroom political ploys. By disclosing his retirement just one day before the filing deadline, Mr. Bayh left no time for any Democrat to qualify for the primary ballot. With no Democrat in the race, it's up to the party's state central committee to tap its favored candidate. That isn't a very democratic way for the Democratic party to operate. Published February 23, 2010

EDITORIAL: A new battle of Hastings

A lawsuit about bed-mates, or lack thereof, has united perhaps the most unlikely set of legal bedfellows ever to grace the Supreme Court's docket. In their defense of religious liberty, the organizations in question are clearly on the side of the angels - even if their own beliefs recognize no angels at all. Published February 23, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama avoids hard choices

President Obama said on Thursday, "The politics of dealing with chronic deficits is fraught with hard choices, and therefore, it's treacherous to officeholders here in Washington. As a consequence, nobody has been too eager to deal with it." He then handed the problem off to a commission, thus proving his point. Published February 22, 2010

EDITORIAL: Cuccinelli fights the EPA

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli took a gutsy and intelligent step Feb. 17 when he petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider its ill-advised "finding" that carbon dioxide creates an endangerment for human health. The endangerment finding would let the EPA battle alleged global warming by regulating emissions of CO2, which of course is the gas that every animal and person exhales with every breath. The finding was ludicrous from the start, and now Mr. Cuccinelli makes a reasonable case that it also was unlawful. Published February 21, 2010

EDITORIAL: Obama the philosopher king

President Obama is readying to unleash a variety of executive powers to circumvent Congress and push his agenda. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said that a review of mechanisms was under way to "get the job done across a front of issues." The president claims he has to resort to extraordinary methods because of partisan gridlock, but he has learned the wrong lessons from his failed freshman year in office. Mr. Obama's initiatives haven't stalled because of partisanship but because they are transparently bad for America. Published February 19, 2010

EDITORIAL: Getting rid of gun control

Virginia finally is poised to repeal its unusual law that prohibits law-abiding citizens from buying more than one gun per month. It's about time, because the red tape has not had the desired effect in lowering crime. There is no academic research by criminologists or economists that shows that one-gun-a-month regulations reduce crime in either the states that pass them or their neighbors. The laws have merely inconvenienced honest Americans who want to buy guns. Published February 19, 2010

American Scene

CONNECTICUT: Case against lacrosse players dropped Published February 19, 2010

Political Scene

FEDERAL RESERVE: Emergency loan rate for banks up Published February 19, 2010

PACKER: True intentions exposed

For over a year now, Big Labor has pressed Congress to take action on the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) and U.S. senators from both parties have rebuffed the union boss agenda, understanding it would result in more job losses and higher unemployment. Published February 19, 2010

EDITORIAL: Malice in Obamaland

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there," the Cheshire Cat said in Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland." The inscrutable feline might have been referring to the tortuous path of U.S. nuclear energy policy over the past 30 years. Unsurprisingly, President Obama has been equally ambiguous in his recent dealings with the nuclear industry. Published February 19, 2010

EDITORIAL: More errors in temperature data

Yvo de Boer, the United Nations' top climate-change official, announced his resignation yesterday. Good riddance. The bureaucrat's departure is no surprise because his pseudo-scientific global warming religion was proved to be a hoax on his watch. Published February 18, 2010

EDITORIAL: Academic malpractice

In the recent annals of senatorial vote-buying, there have been the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase. Now make way for the Bismarck Earmark. Published February 18, 2010

Political Scene

FEDERAL RESERVE: Jobless numbers are expected to stay high. Published February 18, 2010

EDITORIAL: Opus Dei rights itself

Rev. Arne A. Panula, an Opus Dei priest who is director of the Catholic Information Cen -ter in downtown Washington, deserves credit for canceling the Cokie Roberts book signing scheduled for today. In a political city filled with big egos and boastful bigwigs, it takes courage to admit a mistake and correct it. That's what Father Panula did, and in so doing, he showed true leadership and grit. Published February 17, 2010

EDITORIAL: Cheney beats Biden

The Valentine's Day veepstakes between former Vice President Dick Cheney and Joe Biden, the current occupant of the office, illustrates that the Obama White House isn't ready to have a serious discussion about terrorism strategy. Published February 17, 2010

EDITORIAL: Your papers, please

While traffic congestion grows ever worse across the country, Congress continues to divert more than a billion dollars in taxes paid at the gasoline pump to subsidize moneymaking schemes for local governments. This misallocation of resources is a stumbling block not only to our economic prosperity, but also to our freedom. Published February 17, 2010

EDITORIAL: Opus Dei sells out

Local Catholics are in an uproar because the Catholic Information Center is hosting a book signing tomorrow for Cokie Roberts, a notorious dissenter against Catholic moral teaching on abortion, birth control and homosexuality. The TV commentator attacked the partial-birth abortion ban as "cynical game-playing" by pro-lifers and criticized Pope Benedict XVI for "lacking in the theological virtue of charity." Published February 16, 2010

EDITORIAL: Cutting spending in N.J.

President Obama could learn a lot about fiscal responsibility from New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie. The governor is making hard choices to close a $2.2 billion state budget deficit by freezing spending and erasing surpluses to meet current needs. Published February 16, 2010

EDITORIAL: Why liberals are lawyers' puppets

When President Obama and his liberal Democratic allies squeal at the Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to exercise freedom of political speech, somebody should ask them why they aren't as horrified by the enormous campaign expenditures by the one industry that treats liberal politicians like chattel servants. Published February 16, 2010